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8 of the Worst Games of All Time

Jeff Mills | 19 May 2016 14:45
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There are a lot of games out there that we wish we never spent our hard earned money on. Unfortunately, sometimes we believe the hype, or we trusted a game would be great because of the developer who made it. But in the end, we've all had at least one experience playing a game that makes us feel betrayed or simply ripped off. Here are eight of the worst games ever created.

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Aliens Colonial Marines

Aliens Colonial Marines is the only game in history that was so bad it was met with a lawsuit from disgruntled fans. I won't comment of if the lawsuit was justified or not, but it says a lot that people wanted to go to that extent to express their frustration with a game they bought the hype for. As with most of the games on this list, AI was a main gripe with the fans and reviewers who played this one. There wasn't much else going for it that you didn't experience in virtually any other shooter nor was there any feel of strategy to hunt down the ultimate predator.

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