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8 Relaxing Games for the Holiday Coma

Chris King | 3 Jan 2017 14:45
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Well, it's over. You made it through another family gathering and only two relatives ended up in the hospital/prison. Now all of you can get back to the every present, crushing monotony of your everyday lives. But wait, there's more. Remember all the alcohol it took to get through that mind-numbing dinner with your parents telling you all about your successful cousin Tommy? No? Well, your head does and that's why you're reading this through pulsating nerves and salty tears. No need for despair, however, I have the perfect solution for you on this miserable day. Here's a list of games you can just sit back and enjoy. From beautiful scenery to corpses piled high, these games are sure to satiate your holiday hangover.



First up, Minecraft. Kind of the de facto game for both creativity and relaxation at this point. Something you can enjoy with your kids, spouse, and sometimes, even you in-laws (but let's not get carried away). The worst you have to worry about here is the occasional Creeper explosion. Then again you could always put the game on peaceful and just enjoy the virtual LEGO land.

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