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Trump vs. the World - 8 Twitter Wars With Donald Trump

Jeff Mills | 9 Jan 2017 15:38
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Let's face it, regardless of whatever party you lean towards, whatever stance you have about the man, we can all agree on one thing, Donald Trump is a huge fan of using twitter to rant about anyone or anything that bothers him.

We've picked 8 of the greatest twitter rants Trump had towards those he felt wronged him in some way. I'll let you be the judge if he was right or wrong with his tweets to others.

Trump vs. Intelligence Agencies

This tweet was made just today. This is a bit of an odd story. It seems that the latest rumor is we have evidence that Russia is blackmailing the President-Elect with quite pornographic evidence that he engaged in extramarital sexual encounters with prostitutes in Russia. I'll spare the details of the actual sexual experience as it's not everyone's fetish.

This time, justifiably, Trump responded calling it "fake" and adding to his conspiracy theory that everyone, including our intelligence agencies, is "out to get him".

It did create a rather humorous hashtag - #PEEOTUS

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