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8 of the Worst Video Game Spin-Offs

Liz Finnegan | 28 Feb 2017 19:41
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Not all video game spin-offs are doomed to failure. A billionty different appearances of Nintendo's suspender-clad mascot serve to prove that they can be quite fun in their own right. However, spin-offs aren't always successful, and a few in particular have left me shaking my head and wondering what happened during the staff meetings that led to these games in particular not only being pitched, but approved and made on purpose.


Street Fighter: The Movie

It's a game about a movie about a game. Back in 1994, someone got the bright idea to make an awful Street Fighter movie based somewhat on Street Fighter II. As if that wasn't bad enough, Capcom then got the idea to make a game based on the movie, using digitized images of the cast and ultimately achieving something no one imagined possible - being even worse than the movie.

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