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8 Supporting Video Game Characters that Deserve Their Own Spin-Off

Liz Finnegan | 15 Feb 2017 14:05
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The video game industry has a bad history with franchise spin-offs that, more often than not, come off as exploiting a popular name for attention and sales without actually including any of what made aforementioned franchise great to begin with. Unfortunately, I think that's led to some missed opportunities. Many games have unforgettable supporting characters - maybe they help you along the way, or maybe they want to stand in your way. No matter the case, these eight characters are some worthy of consideration of their own games.


Revolver Ocelot

There are few things in life that I love more than a good antihero story, and while it is pretty clearly never going to happen, getting a good Revolver Ocelot spin-off would be awesome. He's not just some crazy, generic bad guy. He's well-trained and incredibly focused and passionate. You don't even have to throw the Metal Gear name on it. He has such an incredibly varied backstory that you could easily get a brand new franchise out of his life.

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