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8 Console Exclusives that We Want to Play on PC

Ron Whitaker | 10 May 2017 17:00
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Exclusive are a fact of life in modern gaming. Some games are only on PS4, some are only on Xbox One, and sometimes you just can't get a developer to make a PC version of your favorite console game. But with the announcement that Vanquish is coming to PC, we figured why not dream a little and pick out the 8 console exclusives we'd love to see make the jump to PC.


Horizon: Zero Dawn

One of the PS4's most popular titles, Horizon: Zero Dawn combines a beautiful, post apocalyptic setting with a massive open world. You play as Aloy, a hunter who uses an array of weaponry to combat the giant, animal-like robots that populate the world. Guerrilla Games has been praised for this one, and rightly so. Just imagine how gorgeous the world would be on your new PC, though!

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