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9 Cliché Sexy Thrillers of the 90s

Elizabeth Harper | 31 Jul 2014 12:45
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Body of Evidence (1993)
Not even Madonna, plenty of sex scenes, and controversy over whether the film should have an NC-17 rating could get Body of Evidence to perform at the box office. Like Basic Instinct before it, Body of Evidence features a femme female (starring Madonna as Rebecca Carlson) who uses sex to get what she wants -- in this case by coaxing her older men into adding her to their wills before killing them. (Unlike Instinct's Catherine Tramell, who had a tendency to stab her lovers, Rebecca Carlson kills older men with sex, just in case you'd missed the point that this was a sexy story about sex.)

After Carlson's lover dies of a heart attack, she's put on trial for his murder with the prosecution arguing that she caused the heart attack with "vigorous sex" in oder to win the payoff from his will. Of course, that alone isn't enough to put it into the "erotic thrillers" category, so during her trial, we also see Carlson getting it on with her hapless lawyer (Willem Dafoe). Yep, Madonna and Willem Dafoe.

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