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9 Cliché Sexy Thrillers of the 90s

Elizabeth Harper | 31 Jul 2014 12:45
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Species (1995)
How was Hollywood to revive the sexy thriller, which by the mid-90s was growing into the tired cliché that we know today? With Species, they threw in some sci-fi to create a sexy alien antagonist -- in the film, the alien antagonist is literally created from a combination of human and alien DNA, which was made to be female so it would be more docile. (Oops, I guess these geneticists never saw Basic Instinct.) The resulting creature -- an alluring blonde who could transform into a terrifying alien creature -- just wanted to mate with a human male. (Though sexy aliens everywhere, I feel like I should tell you that you can do better.)

The finished product is an odd cross between Alien and Basic Instinct, which doesn't quite work on any level... and somehow still spawned Species II, Species III, and Species - The Awakening. Now that's scary.

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