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Five Actors Who Should Play Robin

Firefilm | 10 Feb 2016 15:00
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Abigail Breslin by Gage Skidmore

3. Abigail Breslin - Carrie Kelly

Here's a reality check for lots of folks: the little girl from Little Miss Sunshine is almost 20 years old. Since she was barely old enough to read, though, she's been on various lists of most-talented child actors and was nominated for an Oscar for her aforementioned role as a child beauty queen. Lately, she's been tearing up horror-genre stereotypes in "Scream Queens" and having a heartbreaking locked-cabin experience with a surprisingly believable Arnold Schwarzenegger in Maggie.

As Carrie Kelly, the plucky teen who is inspired by Batman's triumphant late-in-life return, Breslin would convey the disarming intelligence that most of her characters embody. Kelly--almost through pure osmosis--picks up on the intricate value system that Bruce Wayne has cultivated for himself and his "family," and she takes to disguise and subterfuge immediately. Breslin's Robin would be the most capable and independent of the lot, while also gifted with Carrie's mutual respect and odd love with Bruce.

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