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Five Actors Who Should Play Robin

Firefilm | 10 Feb 2016 15:00
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Alexander Gould (cropped)

5. Alexander Gould - Damien Wayne

The product of two very different philosophies and lineages, Damien is a prepubescent juggernaut who is grandson of Ra's al Ghul, son of Bruce Wayne, and trained as a coldhearted assassin since birth. Suddenly thrust into Gotham with a completely different view of crime and punishment, he took on the role of Robin under both his father and a briefly-cowled Dick Grayson. The fight between his bloodthirsty approach to the world of masked vigilantism and the relatable discomfort of growing up with absent parents and fractured morals made for an interesting take on the entire Robin persona.

Alexander Gould rose to prominence as the voice of little clownfish Nemo in the 2004 Pixar flick, but he quickly developed as an on-screen performer on Showtime's strange dramedy "Weeds." As Shane Botwin, Gould spent several seasons as the psychologically damaged son of a suburban pot dealer, before the show went really off the rails and started dealing with Mexican border politics and human trafficking. By then, Shane had become a full-blown manipulative sociopath who kills a woman with a croquet mallet and eventually becomes a Amsterdam street puppeteer bedding women ten years his senior.

True, Damien would need to be aged by a few years, but Gould's mastery of his innocent appearance and command of truly deranged material almost cry out, "Cast me as the adolescent murder-ninja!" And not many folks can say that on their imdb page.

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