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5 Biopic Movies That Make Guys Cry

Firefilm | 26 Nov 2014 09:00
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Real life can be just as sad as fictional life: these biopics will get you right in the feels.

The goal of this series is to show that being "manly" and being disconnected with your emotions do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. While the approach to these articles is one of comedy and satire, the emotional core of these movies is very valid. Manly movies make guys cry, for example:

Biopic Movies

Whether you pronounce them bi-yaw-pics or biooopics, these films based on historical people and events are fascinating to watch. Biopics are how many of us learn about who came before us. Whether the film follows one individual person at a pivotal point in their lives or their entire life in total, the best of these films are entertaining and also touch your soul. Some fans like these movies for the historical stuff, some like to see famous people before they hit it big, and some just want to see the past come alive in a live rendition of a person long gone. But like anyone's real life, these films can be fun in parts and brutal in others. Here's a list of biopics entertaining enough to be worth watching, but harsh enough to make us cry.

1. A Beautiful Mind
The duality of mental illness and genius are often explored in biopics, and this one does it with gusto. Russell "Wanna fight about it?" Crowe plays a man battling paranoia, hallucinations, and the fact that he's Russell Crowe. This film is at its strongest when diving into the frustration of a mathematical genius taking anti-psychotic medication...which dulls his mind. Since his mind is his greatest attribute, it's understandable that Russell tries to think his way out of the hallucinations rather than medicate them away.

The sad part of this film is a pivotal point when Russell, thinking his hallucination is "watching" the bathing baby, goes into another room. His wife, the incomparable Jennifer Connelly, rushes in only to find the bath water inches away from drowning their child. Russell realizes figments of his imagination make poor babysitters, but it's too late. He'll never be trusted alone with his child again, and that is a tough pill to swallow.

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