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Let's Watch Thor: The Dark World's New Trailer

Bob Chipman | 9 Aug 2013 12:00
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00:43 - Natalie Portman, ladies and gentlemen. Apparently there was some question as to whether or not she, and thus the character of Jane Foster, was going to come back. Supposedly she was rather alarmingly eager to do so when informed that some new girl showed up who could do the part just as well, without a third of the effort, even after staying out all night partying and eating cheeseburgers. That girl also kind of looked just like her if you caught either of them in a reflection from the right angle...

00:45 - 00:50 - A spaceship(?) touches down in London, causing much destruction. I like the design of this thing, it looks at once futuristic and ancient as befits the scifi/fantasy mashup that is the Thor aesthetic thus far. This likely belongs to our new big-bad, Malekith The Accursed (we'll get to him in a bit.)

00:52 - Thor finally returns to Earth, which is still kind of a big deal because his return in The Avengers was really more of a just-passing-through-on-business thing and he didn't even run into Jane then. I imagine there'll be some banter between them about him not even bothering to call, though.

00:55 - 00:59 - Thor and Jane beam up to Asgard via a process that looks at lot like the Bifrost (aka "Rainbow Bridge") from the first one in that it leaves one of those rune-shaped burn marks behind. Did they fix it? Are they using The Tesseract now?

01:00 - I really do love how preposterous Asgard looks in this series, and I really want them to find an excuse to get the rest of The Avengers up here so we can see Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America running around amid all this (I also want them to do the "bit" from the comics where Cap turns out to be one of the few beings in the universe other than Thor who can pick up Mjolnir, but that's me...

01:05 - One has to assume that Natalie Portman is really, really hoping against hope that this turns out a lot better than the last time she did scenes on balconies staring out over a greenscreen being told to act like she was seeing something incredible, yes?

01:10 - Based on the dialogue (and its slightly greater presence in the earlier teaser) we can assume that this is the interior of the mystery-ship from earlier and the guy in the armor is Malekith.

01:11 - Everybody pick your preferred Marvel-related apocalyptic-term and crack the requisite joke about canceling it.

01:12 - "Known only to one." Ah, okay. Now we know why Thor needs to pick Loki's brain: All that traveling through dark realms he bragged about having done in The Avengers must have included Svartalheim. That's where Malekith is from.

01:14 - 01:17 - So they're going to actually take Loki with them to go look for whatever they're looking for? Yeah, not a single problem with that plan...

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