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Matthew Parkinson | 28 Aug 2015 13:00
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Directed and written by Francois Simard, Anouk Whissell, and Yoann-Karl Whissell. Produced by Benoit Beaulieu, Anne-Marie Gelinas, Tim Riley, and Ant Timpson. Release date: August 28, 2015.

I loved it. I loved every second, every frame, every reference, every gory kill, every joke - everything. There's no beating around the bush here; Turbo Kid delivers exactly what it needed to in order to be one of the best B-movies I've ever seen, one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had at a movie theater, and one of the films of the year, even if its approximate budget is probably less than most films get to spend on marketing, let alone actually creating the motion picture. It's a glorious homage to '80s action-adventure movies, genuinely funny, incredibly bloody, and surprisingly sweet. I. Love. Turbo Kid.

The plot is not complicated, although it contains a few surprises. Set in the near-future post-apocalyptic land of 1997, our lead is The Kid (Munro Chambers, perfect in this role), an orphan who has managed to survive relatively happily on his own for several years. He loves comic books - particularly one called Turbo Rider - collects flamingos, and rides his bicycle everywhere. Everyone rides bicycles, actually; there's no fuel for cars, after all. All in one day, he (1) meets Apple (Laurence Leboeuf, whose infectious smile lights up the screen), the most optimistic person one can meet; (2) finds a real-life version of the suit from Turbo Rider, donning it to become the eponymous "Turbo Kid"; (3) teams up with Apple and Frederic The Arm Wrestler (Aaron Jeffery), an Indiana Jones/Mad Max/Man with No Name hybrid, to defeat the evil Zeus (Michael Ironside), a warlord who turns people into clean-ish drinking water.

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How's that for a premise? Mostly, we follow The Kid and Apple as they journey across the wasteland in search of things to aid them, which often leads them into some of the bloodiest, goriest action scenes you'll see this year, or any year. If you're someone who gets excited at the sight of over-the-top blood and guts in a movie, Turbo Kid will fill you with glee. Yes, it's excessive, but that's part of the charm of these sorts of movies. They're allowed to take things to the extreme, they're allowed to point out absurdities, and they're allowed to have as much fun as they want. Turbo Kid wants to have a lot of fun, and it does exactly that.

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