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Why You Should Be Watching Orphan Black: A Season One Recap

Heather Barefoot | 9 May 2014 15:00
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Episode Nine


Kira is whisked to the hospital, but has no internal bleeding, head trauma, or broken ribs that would normally result from being smashed into by a sedan. Cosima confirms that as the biological child of someone who has possibly been genetically modified, it's possible that Kira, too, could be genetically modified.

Sarah decides to end Helena once and for all and calls the clone to set up a meeting. Helena attempts to escape Thomas, refusing to harm Sarah or Kira, but Thomas resorts to some of the atrocious techniques he used to subdue Helena as a child. (Be warned that the scenes of Helena's abuse in this episode could be troubling for some viewers.)

Cosima digs further into the clones' DNA and finds that a distinct strain of DNA in each sample works as a barcode to help identify each clone. She assures Sarah that she never told Leekie about the anomaly that is Kira's biological birth from a clone, but that doesn't stop Sarah from setting up a meeting with the doctor.

Leekie admits his participation in the cloning experiment and also informs Sarah that he wants to "deprogram" Helena. As a reward for bringing Helena to Leekie, he offers Sarah and the other clones new lives, free of Monitors.

Sarah comes to find Helena with the intention of killing her off, but is unable to follow through. Thomas returns after Sarah has freed Helena and preys on Helena's emotions to try and turn her against Sarah. Instead, Helena attacks Thomas and while the two are distracted, Sarah knocks Helena out, locks Thomas in the same trap that previously held Helena, and takes the clone with her to meet Leekie.

After seeing the subway surveillance footage confirming that Beth really did commit suicide and that Sarah stole her identity, Art gets a warrant for Sarah Manning's arrest. (Side note: It's really just dumb that Art waited a whole season to go to the train station and check for surveillance footage. I mean, really? C'mon. That's really crack police work there, Art.)

Siobhan calls and convinces Sarah to bring Helena to her home instead of handing her over to Leekie. Once home, Sarah comes face to face with Amelia, a new woman claiming to be her birth mother. She explains that as a young woman, she agreed to be a surrogate, but found that the children she was carrying would be raised under the Neolutionist movement. Fearing for the children, Amelia had her twins in secret and gave both of them up, one to the State (Sarah) and one to the Church (Helena).

Episode 10

patent screencap

Sarah allows Helena to see Amelia, but their birth mother requests for a private audience away from Siobhan. During the conversation, the police swarm Mrs. S' house and arrest Sarah and Helena uses the commotion to successfully escape.

Alison is approached by Leekie and propositioned with a contract: twice yearly medical testing in exchange for protection from Helena and a life free of Monitors. He also informs her that as a gesture of good faith, her Monitor has already been lifted, although there's not much truth in that statement.

As Cosima is intercepted by Leekie with a separate proposition, she begins coughing up blood in a very similar manner to Katja's. Leekie offers Cosima a cushy job at the Dyad Institute researching her and her sister clones, and dangles her complete sequenced genome in front of her to sweeten the deal.

Back at headquarters, Sarah is taken from the interrogation room by a mysterious lawyer named Daniel Rosen and whisked to a swanky office building. There Sarah meets another woman named Rachel Duncan who, same as all the others, shares Sarah's features. Rachel offers Sarah an agreement much like Alison's which would entitle her to a life without Monitors.

All the clones, minus Helena, gather in Felix's apartment to discuss the terms of their contracts. Alison admits that she's planning to accept Leekie's offer. She returns to her home to see Aynsley's house for sale and accosts the woman she believes to be her Monitor. In the kitchen, Aynsley scarf catches in the garbage disposal and Alison makes the choice to not save her, thus allowing Aynsley a pretty sad death-by-scarf-strangling.

Amelia arrives at Beth's apartment, but has the misfortune of running into Helena first. The Angry Angel stabs Amelia in the stomach and blames her for the monster she's become, then transports her to an abandoned warehouse. Sarah follows Helena's instructions and finds Amelia, who has just enough life left in her to hand over a photograph of two scientists, a man and a woman. She claims that Mrs. S is the female scientist in the picture, which reads 'Project LEDA, July 22, 1777' with the names of each scientist blacked out.

Helena appears again (Boss Fight!) and Sarah attacks her deranged sister, resulting in a gunshot straight to Helena's chest.

Meanwhile, Cosima and Delphine dig into Cosima's genome, which they successfully decode and translate into a very unsettling message: "This organism and derivative genetic material is restricted intellectual property." This is basically fancy-talk for a patent that allows the Dyad Institute to claim ownership of each clone and any life resulting from a clone, which essentially means that Kira could be claimed also by the institute.

With knowledge of the patent, Sarah quickly returns to Mrs. S' house to find it ransacked. Both Kira and Mrs. S are nowhere to be seen.

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