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Shamus Plays WoW #1: It's An Imp's Life

Shamus Young | 27 Oct 2010 09:00
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"There's no angle."

"I'm your own personal demon. You can tell me your evil plans."

"See, that's just it. I'm not evil. I'm actually a good guy. I just decided to use the powers of darkness to serve the Light."

"That's a perversion!"

"You demons do the same thing to the good guys all the time."

"Yeah," I say laughing. "Good times."

"So now we're serving good."

"This was not in my contract."

"But you have to help! Those are the rules!"

He's got me. He really does. "Fine. So we - at least you - are serving the Light. So is this the plan? To get screwed by shiftless town guards? Is this how you're gonna save the kingdom?"

"Hopefully not. Maybe the next job will be different."

"Whats the job?"

"He wants us to kill eight more Kobolds."

Next Time: No, really. He wants us to kill 8 more Kobolds.

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