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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 16:30
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Nintendo Land

Step right up! From hunting ghosts in "Luigi's Ghost Mansion" to collect candy in "Animal Crossing: Sweet Day", Nintendo Land offers up a large collection of mini-games for you and friends to play both cooperatively and competitively.

You can read Sarah LeBoeuf's full preview of Nintendo Land here .

Sarah LeBoeuf: First up was "Luigi's Ghost Mansion", which was shown off at the press conference. The actual game takes far less time to understand than Nintendo's live demo-it actually was a "play it and get it" situation. Up to five people can play at once, with one using the GamePad, and that player is the ghost. The ghost uses the GamePad screen to try and catch other players, while the ghost hunters using the TV screen can't see where the ghost is. Instead, the Wii Remote vibrates when the ghost is near, and players have to use their flashlights to defeat the ghost. If the ghost takes out all other players, it wins; if the players shine their lights on the ghost long enough, they win.

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