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Dark Souls 3 Preview - The Lord of Cinder Returns

Mitchell Saltzman | 18 Jun 2015 13:30
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Now its time to go over some of the new features of Dark Souls 3's combat. Over the course of the demo, we got a look at three melee weapons, each of which had their own unique abilities that served different purposes. The first weapon was a long sword, which had a new stance that could be activated while holding the sword with two hands.

When in the "Ready stance," a player can use one of two powerful attacks. The first was a massive uppercut slash that was able to break an enemy's guard and leave them vulnerable to quick attacks. The other was a long range stab that moved the player forward several steps.

The next weapon that was demonstrated was a greatsword, which also had its own new stance which would allow a player to use a powerful, but exceptionally slow lunge attack, offering great damage, but at the risk of being interrupted by a faster attack.

"If you were a Japanese comic fan, [the greatsword] is actually like a reproduction of Guts from Berserk," said Miyazaki.

In the upcoming encounter, the player puts the greatsword to the test against an enemy knight, which seems much more formidable than any of its counterparts from prior Dark Souls games. He moves exceptionally quick, makes good use of his shield, and can even use the same ready stance that you can in order to hit you with an extremely powerful attack that will break your guard. As I'm watching it, it makes me think of the battles against the red eyed knights in Demon's Souls, and sure enough, Miyazaki even states that this type of battle would likely be familiar to Demon's Souls fans.

The player continues forward through the demo and eventually reaches a normal looking enemy that suddenly gets possessed by what appears to be a grotesque black demon that almost looks like a stand from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, if you'd forgive another manga reference. The possessed enemy is ferocious and eventually takes out the player, sending him all the way back to the bonfire.

Fortunately, this was supposed to happen for the sake of the demo, as it allowed a new path from the bonfire to be shown off. One that led the player down a walkway that was guarded by skeletal dogs, because it just wouldn't be a Souls game without fast and hard to hit dogs that lunge towards you from every direction.

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