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Dragon*Con '08: Six Tips from an Expert (Pics!)

Julianne Capps | 9 Sep 2008 12:18
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I've been to Atlanta, Georgia a few times. I've been to a couple of conferences there, and my older brother went to Georgia Tech a few years back. I've flown through the (damned) airport a number of times, and consequently have frequented a couple of the airport hotels. Atlanta is hot, sprawly (it's OK, I'm an Editor) and the home of a restaurant called Chicken & Waffles - check out the Midnight Train. In short, it's southern.

Now, I'm from the south, and I'd have it no other way. I grew up where most three-letter words have at least two syllables and everything comes with gravy. I have a bit of a southern drawl. I know the secret to beating the heat is sitting on the porch with a tall glass of lemonade. Things are a bit slower here - probably because of that aforementioned heat - and we get used to things being a certain way here. After all, it's hard to think so fast when it's 95 degrees with 95% humidity outside and your stomach is full of biscuits and sausage gravy.

So, when I went down to Atlanta this past Labor Day weekend for Dragon*Con 2008, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fairy in front of me and the Storm Trooper behind me in line at the Caribou Coffee in Peachtree Center. Not that it bothered me - I work in the games industry, this weirdness does not faze me. No, it was more that these guys were wandering amongst the Normals at a mall in downtown Atlanta in spandex and face paint completely unashamed, and in fact, reveling in it.

It was awesome.

At that point, on the ground in Atlanta for less than two hours, I knew it was going to be a bizarre weekend. I had planned several rounds of tabletop gaming, a couple of panels to attend and one to be a part of, dealers' rooms scouring, a roadside spot during the annual parade and lots of people watching.

I also had my camera. Lucky you.

And since I now consider myself an expert on Dragon*Con (it's OK, I'm an Editor), I offer to you my six tips on surviving, nay, thriving through Dragon*Con.

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