To the Editor: I have just finished watching the latest little clip by Yahtzee Croshaw, and it so disappointed me that I felt the need to write to you.

In general, your website is a great source of serious information, and decent game reviews, but the latest tripe to spew forth from "Yahtzee" is nothing short of atrocious.

He had a few good and fair points to make about the game, but any games reviewer that just dismisses online co-op and multiplayer out of hand as something he just doesn't care about hasn't fairly reviewed the game. The game has a large emphasis on Online connectivity, and to honestly review the game, you need to review this. Should you not, you should keep your trap shut as you only have a half formed opinion of something.

It would be very much like me bagging out your whole site just because of that one review.

He also dismisses the storyline as something he didn't bother trying to follow. I too have barely played Halo 1 and 2, and I could follow the storyline, and make sense of it.

And saying that everything Halo does has been done before is like saying that Doom is the pinnacle of originality. It's just not true, and not backed up with any reasoning. It is merely an ill informed opinion.

Loaded with superfluous wordplay, and semi-amusing similes, that review was totally worthless. What has happened to Journalistic Integrity?

I am by no means a Halo 3 "fanboi" and would appreciate nothing more than an honest, fully reviewed piece about the game.

What I just saw was not it.


Drew Mewburn


In response to "The Best Little Emulator Ever Made" from The Escapist Forum: Emulation also had the effect of increasing next gen console complexity and possibly costs, as the PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, and all that followed were intensely designed to be unemulatable by their creators. The current big name PS2 emulator can play maybe a third of the PS2 library properly, and requires a thousand+ dollar extreme high end gaming PC to run respectively. Xbox and Gamecube are MIA. DS emulators are showing signs of progress, but are slow, and are behind the PS2. However, in all likelihood, they'll be accomplished long before Gamecube or Xbox. As far as I know, there isn't even an Xbox emulator in development. One was made that could play Turok: Evolution (a game that was a) terrible and b) had a PC port), and was given up.

- jetsetlemming

I am surprised a Full blown Xbox emulator has not come out yet, I'd love to be able to have some control over the Xbox games its hard playing mediocre crap on it, perhaps save states, cheats and some control tweaks would make them a bit more fun......of coarse fun always gets in the way of profits and fun is bad >>

N64 80-90% emulated
DC 80-90% emulated
Gamecube 40-60% emulated
DS 40-60% emulated
PSP 40-60% emulated

Maybe they will go up 5-15% in 2 or 3 years >>

- ZippyDSMlee

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