In response to "Making Money on the Mac" from The Escapist Forum: With a title that reads as "Making Money on the Mac" also comes the question of "Is it worth making games on the Mac?" and "Is it harder than on the PC"?

This article would be class with a follow up where Mac devs share their views on this machine.

Maybe PC devs should be asked their opinion as well first, to see what the Macs think of that.

- Arbre


In response to "Proud to be Different" from The Escapist Forum: Interesting article, but at the same time it makes Running With Scissors seem ... delusional.

The Postal series can have its fun moments and it's definitely got some over the top stuff that you just don't get in other games, but all that creative energy goes solely into shock value. The problem with games who rely so much on shock value is that when you're halfway done with it the shock value is gone. You've been watching this stuff for a few hours, it's just level design at that point. When that happens, you lose most of the hook your game had.

It is still intriguing that he points out how the violence is user created. The game doesn't force violent actions, it simply encourages it through all the options for weapons. From shotguns to urine, the game is screaming "Shoot that guy and piss on him! You know you want to!" Why shouldn't it? The whole point of Postal isn't standing in line at the bank, it's about doing exactly what you want to do to that line you've been standing in for half an hour. It's the fantasy we've all played out in our heads at some point in our lives.

Now what am I trying to get at, you ask? Why do I condemn shock value, yet seem to encourage it? Well, my main problem with the Postal series is that it's sandbox in it's purest form. It's not really a game, it's a fantasy violence simulator. There's no real structure, no real plot, just missions and violence. That's where all the negative reactions come from. I submit a challenge to Running With Scissors. See if you can make a truly great game that's rated T or lower. See if you can put your ideas about fantastic AI and gaming as an art into some real practice and eliminate the shock value Postal depends on.

- Lance Icarus

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