In response to "Fansy the Famous Bard" from The Escapist Forum: Please explain to me how this was Fansy "striking a blow for the good" and not "Fansy being an incredible jerk-off griefer". Yes, it was supposed to be a no-rules server, and that does, mean that, at its core, if you can do it then it's OK. Was there really ever any doubt in your mind that what you were doing was, at the very least, being a jerk? When those folks signed up for PvP, do you think what they envisioned was PvM with the M's provided by a bard? Explain to me why your desire to act like a jackass trumps everyone else's desire to play the game, if you will.

- spadefoot

I have no pity for these people who would bitch and complain about getting trained like that, while assumingly simultaneously running to newbie zones and one-hitting any poor soul that crossed their path.

- Tesahli

I tell you that it has always been sort of a secret dream of mine to be able to influence the events of an MMO, to feel like the days and days I spend grinding will add up to some meaningful achievement. Sadly this is not so.

- Jerakal

I once described Sullon Zek as the ass-end of the EQ universe. I was being polite. Sullon Zek is more like a sink for all the maladjusted, twisted, griefing, hate filled, wretched bottom dwellers of the EQ universe. A wide swath of the player base of SZ could affectionately be described as a cesspool and more accurately described as genocide worthy. If you didn't play on SZ then you don't really know what it's like to ram your head into a wall over and over again, begging for death but, instead, continuely running back to your corpse like a well trained hamster knowing that you would be killed *yet again* by a 3 foot tall, shoeless bastard with a smirk on his character's face. What I learned from SZ was hope and tenacity in the face of absolute despair. I also learned that cruelty wells from a bottomless pit and takes a myriad of shapes online.

- Downtym

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