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Steam's release of the X-COM series potentially sounds the death knell for abandonware. The reason abandonware existed was because the maintenance of retail channels was prohibitively expensive, as there's only so much shelf space and formats become obsolete.

Thanks to a third-party handling the technical side of it (DOSBox, which exists only because Microsoft can't be bothered to cook up its own DOS emulator for its advanced operating systems), it is now possible for a publisher to release its entire back catalog for direct download, and the only overhead is a very minimal amount of disc space. All the up-front costs have been paid, and every sale is (almost) 100% pure profit.

Abandonware enthusiasts may celebrate this re-commercialization because it grants them the wish they've made with their sites, which is a good thing; indeed, seeing the swift and gracious deletion of anything that becomes available anew is exactly the sort of goodwill gesture required to avoid the perception of "they're nothing more than pirates." Staying on the copyright owners' good side benefits everyone.

- SimuLord


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I won't say I'm surprised of the reactions. Two totally different cultures, and both try to measure the other with their own moral system....which is quite impossible and results in reactions like these.

Rather than being creeped out or disgusted by Japanese culture, I'm more fascinated and interested. It's entirely different from what I got used to, and it's quite the experience to learn about other cultures. If you really want to enjoy something from another part of the world, you have to turn off your moral compass and social boundaries. If you see Doki Doki Majo Shinpan! for what it is, a game, you may actually have some fun. (and I don't mean that in a pejorative way)

Don't condemn other cultures just because they don't measure up to your "standards". For you, it may be okay to play Dead Space with a grin on your face, blowing and stomping grotesque monsters to bloody chunks, spraying guts all over the place. For somebody else, it may be okay to grope teenage-looking girls. It's not that different if you think about it.

- Playbahnosh


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I read articles like this and I wonder how financially lucrative this demographic even is for a game developer. It's like people who still play Halo 2, you have a group of people who've spent so much time mastering a game that they're no longer willing to master a new game.
At what point do you focus on supporting the pros instead of trying to move new product that can be picked up by new players?

It's funny to compare them to Michael Jordan because he's a good example of an athlete who tried to change games himself. And he came crawling, well maybe not crawling, back to basketball. Are the two pro players mentioned even good at other games? Competitive? Is it even a bad thing if they aren't?

- L.B. Jeffries


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