In response to "One Button, One Scotch, One Beer" from The Escapist Forum: In all seriousness, I have noticed an interesting phenomena: Some people have done so much practicing on the piano that they can actually play while they're drunk. Somehow the long-term muscle memory sections of their brains can even keep functioning while under the influence of alcohol. And Dock Ellis pitched a no-hitter while on enough acid to melt Jimi Hendrix's guitar. I wonder if the same might apply to games, even ones that aren't criminally easy for the sober.

I don't drink (or do acid), but I can't help but wonder if I could still beat someone at Sonic Adventure 2: Battle even if I did.

- Sylocat

...there's always the Beer Pong game on the Wii, right? I mean, if you're not actually in a place big enough to house an actual beer pong table.

While Guitar Hero drunk is awful, Rock Band is, however, amazing. You don't realize what a difference having a vocalist makes in that game until you've got a buddy drawling Don't Fear the Reaper three bars behind the actual song. Usually, when we get to that point, we don't care all that much about accuracy, and just want a good reason to make ourselves and others look like idiots for an hour.

- PopSchiller


In response to "When I Was a Sex Goddess" from The Escapist Forum: Very romantic way to meet your husband. If you ignore the fact that it occurred in a text-based game of roleplaying, it has a bit of a Greek flavor to it. I'd put some florid description here, but I think I've lost enough man-cards today.

- SlayerGhede

To this day, I have yet to find any modern MMO that felt as magical as the MUD I got sucked into in the late 90's early naughties. For good or for ill, roleplaying seemed to just *occur* there, rather than having to creating a preserve wherein the endangered species could survive.

- Chilango2


In response to "The Greatest Shame of All" from The Escapist Forum: One thing I could never understand is why the DOOM novelizations, adapting a game a subliterate could play with two buttons and a hoarse grunt, were so much better than the adaptations of Infocom games, properties renowned for their writing and literary quality. Low quality in spin-offs is rarely a surprise, but what was startling in this case is how much better the DOOM books were than they really needed to be.

- UnwashedMass

Pardon me sir, would you like a little dijon with your Gears of War novelization? It clears up the long segments of "take cover and fire" nicely.

- PedroSteckecilo


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