In Response to "The Guilded Cage" from The Escapist Forum: That was totally nerd!

I mean, no game should worth more than a suit 'n tie office job, at least here in Hungary. But that's probably the tiny speck of sanity talking in the quicksand of G4MeR.

Aside from the ending, though, it was quite well written, I enjoyed it. MOAR?

- Playbahnosh


In response to "Speech of teh Realm" from The Escapist Forum: Loved every word.

I never played on a RP server (I dabbled in WoW for a time), but this actually reminds me of my old PnP games more then anything. Trying to progress the story, and some idiot has to ruin it by doing or saying something WAY out of character:

"Steve, you can't just stab the guy in the face."
"Why not?"
"Because, you're a good alignment! You'd never just stab the guy in the face."
"But he's evil!"
"He's also unarmed and hasn't provoked you. You can't stab him."
"Well then I want to change my alignment."
"You're already level 3! You can't just suddenly switch alignments!"
"Maybe this is a traumatic experience that causes my alignment to change."
"An old guy not letting us into a tavern?"
"...yes." much frustration and spilled coke.

But still: Great piece! One of the more enjoyable ones I've read at the Escapist.

- Baby Tea

Why does "RP" also mean "write like you're a character in a bad Sir Walter Scott novel"? People in the Middle Ages did not talk like that. Most of them probably just cursed all day anyway, so Internetspeak is most likely a more accurate portrayal than faux Shakespearianisms.

Hmm, maybe "RP" means "write and act like you're in a 3rd rate fantasy novel". That would explain a lot...

- anti_strunt

I agree as well. This is why RP servers are dumb, because it takes everyone three times as long to communicate one-third the information. It is okay to say, "Which way is the tavern?" That is perfectly in character. You don't need to put it all in iambic pentameter.

- Grampy bone

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