In response to "Forbidden Love" from The Escapist Forum: Hopefully these events will become less of an unusualness and become the norm. Hopefully once the juvenile and chauvinistic tendency of the gaming world that Lukasa pointed out has died down a little. I'd still argue that we shouldn't completely wipe out those tendencies though since the world would be dull if we were all reading from the same page.

I look forward to the day when my girlfriend and myself both have our own computer so we can re-enact such activities, she has expressed interest already in playing Team Fortress 2. Though its likely she'll want to stay within arms reach so any kills I make against her are met with her giving me a beating in real life. Fun times.

- grey_painter

This is a great read and reminds me of why I, a girl, love gaming so much. It allows you to connect with someone in a way that reading a book or watching a movie doesn't permit. If my husband and I are both reading, we're not doing something together, it's individual. Gaming however, is something interactive--we quest together, kill together, and even sometimes give little gifts (I remember getting some vanity pets in WoW!). It's especially great when my husband is traveling for work. He brings his gaming laptop with him, and it's a way for us to connect while he's away.

I love gaming, and I love my husband for his gaming tendencies. I wouldn't have it any other way :-D

- Aalynia


In response to "The Dating Game" from The Escapist Forum: All good analysis, but I think one assumption which needs to be questioned is the "date" archetype itself. In particular, when you refer to the fact that games are seldom played in arcades anymore and point out the problems with the venue being "your place or mine", that implicitly rules out the way the majority of good relationships start in the real world: as friendships.

If you meet a potential partner at a friend's house or perhaps at a party there's a pretty good chance that gaming will be on offer (at least if you yourself are a gamer). Maybe the two of you ace a Rock Band duet or develop a friendly rivalry as the last two standing in most of the Powerstone 2 matches. Much as games set a barrier to entry it could be either your future partner's skills or even their positive attitude to the learning process which first attracts you to them.

It's time to leave behind the stereotype of needing to take partners to movies or out for meals because they're too hopeless to cope with anything more demanding than a completely passive experience. If your potential date is rubbish at Guitar Hero that doesn't matter. If he won't pick up the Guitar for fear of looking silly then forget about him and pick someone more worthy of your attention.

Once you know someone well, inviting them round to your place isn't a big deal. How about we try taking on the 2P co-op mode together? Next Wednesday? See you then.

- Dom Camus


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