In response to "Gaming Isn't Brain Surgery" from The Escapist Forum: Well this really is a fascinating article, and a real eye-opener too, as I'm actually considering pursuing a career in medicine. Granted a position in the medical field doesn't always mean this sort of lifestyle, a position in the respectable post of surgeon certainly does.

It's worrying to hear that my gaming would have to be jammed into only several 15 minute long bites per week, if I'm lucky, and I can't really predict how I'd cope in this situation, but seeing as I've set my sights on a course in biochemistry, but it's nice to have a bit of inside perspective on my chosen career path, and from the point of view of another gamer no less.

Still, I'm fully aware of where I'm heading, and I'm cautiously optimistic about my abilities, so no doubt I'll know soon enough whether or not I'm cut out for the hard slog of the medical practitioner.

Thankyou for finding the time in your obviously crowded schedule to write this article.

- Andronicus

A wonderful read. I can relate to this. Both my parents are doctors, so, when I was a little kid, I didn't get to see much of them. They were on call all the time, so Mum would have to go out at 4am on any given day and Dad, well, when he wasn't at work or overseas working with pharmaceutical companies, he'd be working on research grants.

Interestingly enough, that's actually how I became a gamer, because one of the ways in which Dad was able to make time for me as a kid is that he'd let me sit on his knee and play computer games with him. Admittedly, he's too busy to keep up with games now - the only game I've introduced him to in the last ten years is Oblivion - but those games we used to play together still have a special place with us. I don't think I would have become a gamer if I didn't have all those memories of playing them with my Dad as a kid.

- badgersprite


In response to "Behind the Counter at GameStop" from The Escapist Forum: This article was kind of a slope toward disappointment. The title seemed interesting enough. I used to work at a Gamestop a few years ago during a break between undergrad and law school. When I saw it was by an acting manager, I figured it might be a little slanted, but hey, there's plenty of anti-gamestop stuff out there already so let's hear both sides.

It ended up being cloyingly naive and one-sided. Someone really expected working at a store that sells games would somehow plug them into the "industry"? Come on. Working at Blockbuster doesn't plug you into the film industry, and essentially Gamestop cycles games through almost as many hands as a rental store (at least they hope to).

All in all, it would have been more interesting to hear someone who actively wanted (and still seems to want) to be a part of a much-reviled company say something to address the critics. If the writer is so upbeat, I don't want to force him to look at the company's dirty laundry, but he has to be aware of it. And I think someone so keen on the job might have an interesting perspective.

Oh well, not this time.

- Eudaemonian

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