In response to "'You're Wrong'" from The Escapist Forum: The hardcore may not always be wrong, but they (we) are always safely ignored.

The hardcore complain about everything; so we can't just point to one or two cases where their complaints were justified as some sort of proof that they (we) have any credibility.

The most important thing for developers to remember - the place where I disagree with this article altogether - is that official message boards are a waste of time altogether.

They're an ineffective, error-prone, and expensive method of official communication. All the benefits of message boards can be easily gleaned by reading the community boards. All the benefits of official communication can be had by actually publishing information. Official boards are a waste of time and resources.

- roc ingersol

In response to "'You're Wrong'" from The Escapist Forum: This may be the way in PC game land, but in every company I've worked for making console games have had focus groups.

We put an advert in numerous sources, some aimed at the "hardcore" - signs in EB for example - and others not so hardcore - we ask our friends and relatives.

This is a much better process for giving feedback - we have casual gamers as well as hardcore gamers.

Anyway, more of the stupid decisions get made by execs hired by companies because they're (supposedly) good managers or marketers, but who really have little knowledge of the games and the games industry, than by hardcore gamers.

- FunkyJ

In response to "'You're Wrong'" from The Escapist Forum: The problem with message boards is that many people use them to express, and gain recognition, with regards to their thoughts on whatever the subject may be. If you type "I didn't like a weapon in this game" on a board you're not going to get any recognition, whereas if you say "They have totally destroyed this game by designing the crappiest pea shooter weapons ever seen in a video game - congratulations you all suck!" you may get more responses (and recognition) as its more emotive, but you're thoughts are no longer realistic.

Therefore it would be ridiculous to use a message board for improvements - or as a place to provide feedback to you're beloved game developer. They are just a marketing tool.

- Nobodies15

In response to "Starforce Must Die" from The Escapist Forum: It always irritates me when people attack the publishers' (or whoever's) decision-making on our part, and then proceed to make the decision that we are all being "kicked in the teeth" or "sucking it down" for us. It's really quite demeaning, offensive even, to those of us who don't work ourselves into rages about anonymous anti-cheat data collection that's never even glanced at by a human, or who are really not that bothered by the minuscule chance that SF might possibly maybe do permanent damage to our computers.

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