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The Escapist Staff | 10 Jun 2011 18:00
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Dungeon Siege III

Obsidian Entertainment will once again be taking on another developer's franchise with the newest in the Dungeon Siege series, and though this is a more action-oriented game than many of their previous ones, they're hoping to bring more depth to the genre with their take on it.

Read Allistair's full preview of Dungeon Siege III here. The game will be available June 21 for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Allistair Pinsof:
The controls felt great and never got in the way of juggling between long-distance magic against enemies and short-range combat. I appreciated the focus on fewer, powerful enemies rather than hordes of weak ones - it went a long way in complimenting the combat system. It's hard to comment on how deep the combat will become as you unlock abilities, but the introductory options offer a lot more than the single-button spamming of similar titles.

The customization and leveling in Dungeon Siege III contains many routes presented in an accessible way, recalling straight-forward action titles (think God of War) rather than an RPG. None of the complexity you expect of the series seems to be sacrificed, however. As you level up you can broaden your play style with Talents, Proficiencies and Abilities. Talents are buffs that increase your health, stun rate and other combat traits. You receive a bonus for maxing out a talent, which makes it a tough call to spread the points across multiple talents.

As much fun as I had with the game's combat, I found the world to be uninspired. Dungeon Seige never had the most unique setting, but even a makeover in art direction could help this sequel stand-out. The UI also could have done a better job of conveying information. Finding missions and navigating through the many pages of the character screen were problematic.

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