The Escapist 2008 Holiday Buyer's Guide
The Escapist Holiday Buyers' Guide: Kid At Heart

Team Humidor | 2 Dec 2008 07:55
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Holiday shopping time! It's a little rough every year - agonizing over finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, wondering if you'll be able to find that special thing in time. Of course, this year is a bit more difficult, since so many of our wallets are, well, emptier than usual. It's times like this you want to know the money you spend is going to make your loved ones smile.

That's why we're here with our holiday shopping guide all this week. Each day carries a different theme, representing different sorts of people with great gifts sure to be winners. Just find the days that best match your giftees and buy with confidence. Happy holidays!

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Attention kids from age one to 92! These are the cutest, brightest and most lovable releases of 2008. Build towers, solve a mystery and brawl as only Mario can, and you and yours will be feeling younger and more wholesome in no time. We're all adults here ... but it doesn't mean we have to game like 'em!


Professor Layton and the Curious Village (DS)

There are DS games where the touch-screen functionality feels like a gimmicky, tacked-on afterthought, and then there are games like Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Professor Layton is a fresh and charming new take on the old point-and-click (er, point-and-touch?) adventure that follows the intrepid, puzzle-solving Professor and his sidekick apprentice Luke as they unravel the secrets surrounding the quiet village of St. Mystere and the mysterious Golden Apple. The offbeat residents of St. Mystere do love their puzzles, and Luke and Layton will have to tackle one brain-teaser after another if they want to shed some light on the truth. Using the DS touch-screen and stylus comes naturally, whether it's scribbling notes or prodding everything in sight to try and find yet another Hint Coin, but the real stars of the show are the puzzles: some of them are easy and straightforward, some are fiendishly clever, but they're all tremendous fun. The biggest puzzle of all, though, is the enigma of St. Mystere - can you figure it out before Luke and Layton do?

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