Fiction Issue #3

Fiction Issue #3
Speech of teh Realm

Richard Hehemann | 23 Dec 2008 08:59
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"Verily, this sword hath drank the blood of dragons, and will again by mine oath and troth."

Torgil believed the knight without hesitation. The runes etched upon the broad blade pulsed with a golden light, and the pommel was a single plum-sized ruby that also shone from within. A faint voice seemed to whisper "Sordamal" over and over again as he drew near. Could this truly be the legendary runeblade? It was of Perthion steel, there was no doubt, but to have the true Sordamal? Here in this tavern?

"How came you by this blade?" asked Torgil, edging toward the table.

"Ah, a bard, I see," said the knight. "Allow me to add to your trove of tales. Ten doughty adventurers did brave the Caverns of Colpas to face the demon within. Its minions were many and its fury immense. Four of my companions fell to flame and claw, but they died bravely and struck good blows ere they perished. I like not to boast, but mine was the hand that slew the foul beast. This blade I claimed in memory of the fallen, and to greater serve the Realm."

"My congratulations, sir knight. May you bear it well." Torgil glanced at the dark-skinned mage sitting next to the knight. Xandrian blood in that one for certain. "But what of your companion?" Torgil inquired. "If my lore does not mistake me, that is the Staff of Nine Fires at his side." The wizard raised the staff and ephemeral flames danced along its head. By Hoath! Two artifacts of such power in one inn. Torgil reared back slightly, knowing too well the power of that staff. "My pardons, good wizard, but I never hoped to see such wonders. Pray, add to my tale of this evening. How did you come to possess the Staff?"

The wizard sat tall in his chair and spoke. "It was a guild raid on Essie last Tuesday, man. We totally one-shotted that biotch and she dropped the staff. Everyone wanted it, but I rolled a 97."

"*F**k it, Tyler, I told you that this is a roleplaying server!" said the knight.

"So what?"

"So you have to talk in character."


Torgil sighed. Frakking noobies. Agh! Now he was doing it too. Benighted newcomers, he thought. That was better.

"Oh," said the wizard, "you mean like this?" He stood and with a flourish practically shouted, "I did doth rolleth a 97 and gotteth this awesometh lootz."

"No, no, no," said the knight. "You can't just stick an -eth on the end of everything."

"Well, what am I supposed to do? This server sucks. I can't believe we transferred here."

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