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Dead Rising 3 Preview: A Zombie-Mutilating Good Time

Andrea Rene | 6 Nov 2013 12:00
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Zombies seem to be everywhere these days. From The Walking Dead and World War Z to DayZ, undead, brain-eating corpses continue to entice audiences to consume media in a voracious manner - not unlike zombies themselves. So how will Capcom find success in a sea of competitors with Dead Rising 3? By making it the most fun you'll have on the Xbox One at launch.

Fans of the Dead Rising series know the franchise has iconic humor, wacky weapon combos, and lots of fun Easter eggs. All of those are back and much more. I had an in-depth, hands-on gameplay session at a recent Xbox One preview event where I had the opportunity to explore the open world of Los Perdidos, and it is much larger and more in-depth than I anticipated.

You play as Nick Ramos, a blue-collar mechanic who has teamed up with a bunch of survivors to try and escape the zombie outbreak. The gameplay is almost identical to previous titles in the series, third-person action brawler with both melee and shooting mechanics. The new Xbox One controller felt very comfortable and familiar, with the new rumble features as a nice touch.

The first thing I noticed while roaming the streets was the sheer volume of zombies. They are everywhere. The new Xbox One hardware allowed the development team to create more zombies on screen than ever before. Each zombie is assembled by individual body parts in real time to avoid crowds of duplicated zombies, and they are even tailored to specific regions of the world such as bikini-clad zombies near the beach or zombies in business suits near downtown.

To help you navigate through the hordes walking in open world, which is larger than Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 combined, you can use a variety of vehicles. But in the world of Dead Rising why would you ride a motorcycle when you can create a Rollerhawg from a steam roller and a chopper that throws flames off the front? The correct answer is: You wouldn't!

There are dozens of crazy combos in the game for weapons and vehicles that are divided into categories like gloves, blunt, electrical and more. You can also combine food items to create temporary buffs like the ability to spit fire. I found a motor engine and some boxing gloves to create the Dragon Punch, a modified set of gloves with mini-engines attached. Not only was it super fun to smash zombies in the face with these bad boys, but the heavy attack is a Shoruyken! Because, you see, in DR3 the devil is in the details. You can collect blueprints throughout the world to build combos on the fly, and you can store already built weapons in lockers found in safe houses.

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