Finish the Hunt With These Revelations 2 Episode 4 Collectible Locations

Kevin Thielenhaus | 23 Mar 2015 16:26
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Complete your collection in Episode 4 of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 with these final emblems, larvae and drawings.

Don't head into the finale blind, check out the last set of locations and tips to earn every extra item on the island. Barry and Claire's paths diverge more than ever before as the pair find the truth behind another creepy biological experiment.

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Episode 4 - All Collectibles Locations

Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new updates.

In total, there are 6 Kafka Drawings, 10 Tower Emblems, and 6 Insect Larvae.

Episode 4 - Claire Collectibles

Note: Shine Moira's flashlight on glowing blue images to uncover hidden Kafka Drawings on flat surfaces. Tower Emblems are bright metallic blue coins Claire must shoot to collect.

Kafka Drawing #1: Leaving the arena from the previous chapter, you'll step off the elevator with doors ahead. Look under the sloped strut holding the platform above up.

Kafka Drawing #2: Inside the futuristic living quarters with the aquarium you'll need to move later; look on the paintings on the left side to spot a hidden drawing.

Kafka Drawing #3: After pushing the aquarium out of the way to access the bridge controls, check the newly-uncovered floor.

Tower Emblem #1: The first emblem is found in the small chamber where Claire and Moira confront Alex. As she monologues through the laser field, turn left to spot the coin.

Kafka Drawing #4: During the tower escape sequence, you'll come across a workbench room. Check the walls to the right of the bench to spot another drawing.

Kafka Drawing #5: Just as you reach the tower exterior platform, don't jump down just yet. Instead, look on a wall about eye-height attached to the platform.

Tower Emblem #2: During the escape sequence, eventually you'll reach an exterior platform of the tower. Drop down to the level below, then look up at the platform's under-side.

Kafka Drawing #6: As you run the last gauntlet through the tower, you'll need to use ladders like bridges to cross the gaps. In this section, look on the wall to the left to spot the last drawing.

Tower Emblem #3: On the final leg of the tower escape sequence, look for the coin attached to the elevator support structure above one of the coiled tubes used as a walkway.

Episode 4 - Barry Collectibles

Note: Natalia can sense insect larvae - look for small red spots in the environment. Keep a brick handy to throw at the larvae for easy collection. Get Tower Emblems by shooting the blue targets with Barry.

Insect Larvae #1: To find the first larvae, make sure that Claire uses the console in the control room during her chapter to switch the dam sluice gates. Move to the second pathway where the water is drained out and you should see the red spot behind a safety railing while facing Barry's first tower emblem.

Tower Emblem #1: At the dam and trash sequence that starts Barry's chapter, look on the side of a tall lamp post shining light downward.

Insect Larvae #2: The second larvae can only be acquired if Claire does not use the sluice gate control during her chapter. With the first waterway dry, climb down and look under the ruined bridge.

Tower Emblem #2: This one is tricky. On the massive crane, move along the left side and look through the hole in the floor to view the underside of Gate 2. There's a hard-to-see emblem tucked below.

Insect Larvae #3: At the mines entrance area, circle around behind the main elevator to discover the third insect collectible.

Tower Emblem #3: Climb up the stairs at the mines entrance. Circle around the elevator and jump across to the raised train tracks. Run all the way to the end and look on the back-side of a minecart.

Insect Larvae #4: Dropping down into a gas filled room with multiple passage-ways, enter the left tunnel with the minecart blocking a deadly revenant. Push the cart all the way forward and look behind the minecart to spot this larvae.

Tower Emblem #4: Once the gas is clear and you've acquired the keycard, ride the lift down into the lower sections of the mines. Getting off, search the girders above to spot a tricky emblem.

Tower Emblem #5: Inside the strange underground mansion, you'll take stairs down into a separate facility. At the bottom of the stairs, look behind some crates to spot a well-hidden emblem.

Insect Larvae #5: Down in the research area beneath the mansion, look on the large revenant tubes to spot an insect on top. Throw a brick at the first tube to the right.

Tower Emblem #6: Entering through the Security Level 2 gate, look through the metal grate floor in the center of the chamber.

Insect Larvae #6: Walking through the caves on the way to the final boss, you'll come across Lottie's mangled form. Look above for a flamethrower statue -- the final insect is attached to the hanging metal face.

Tower Emblem #7: During the final boss battle sequence you'll switch to Claire if Moira defeated Neil in Episode 3. Armed with a sniper rifle, look toward the destroyed area in the upper-right of the hills to see the final emblem.

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