Fend off Beasts with All the Firearm Locations in Bloodborne

Kevin Thielenhaus | 26 Mar 2015 16:54
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Keep the wild beasts of Yharnam at bay with every available firearm location in our Bloodborne guide.

Along with transforming trick weapons, From Software included firearms to your arsenal of monster slaying weaponry. Don't rely on these long-range shooters for dishing out damage, instead you'll want to arm up and interrupt enemy attacks, slow them down or stagger them for a quick parry follow-up attack. The world of Bloodborne requires aggressive tactics, and mixing up combat with a wide array of firearms is a good starting strategy. See where to find every known weapon in the locations guide right here.

Guns are only a secondary weapon. Arm up with transforming tools of destruction with a few tips on our Bloodborne: Trick Weapons Locations Guide.

Firearms Locations Guide

Work-in-Progress: Yharnam is still being explored! Drop back in later and see what we've added to the list.

Firearms are special secondary weapons equipped on the left-hand slots.

Hunter Pistol

  • Use: Single-shot high-damage pistol used for staggering / stunning
  • Location:
    • Gift from the Messengers in Hunter's Dream after your first death in the 1st Floor Sickroom.
    • Once the Cleric Beast is defeated, the Pistol becomes available for purchase at the Bath Messenger in Hunter's Dream.

Hunter Blunderbuss

  • Use: Weak shotgun with wide spread used to parry quick enemies.
  • Location:
    • Given by Messengers in the Hunter's Dream area following the Hunter's first death in the starting area.
    • Purchase the Blunderbuss in the Bath Messenger, located in the Hunter's Dream after destroying the Cleric Beast.


  • Use: Not a firearm - left-handed torch that lights up dark areas. Can be used to attack for minor fire damage.
  • Location:
    • Find the torch down the main Central Yharnam path, leading down into the fountain square where a large infected man is banging on the gate doors.

Hunter's Torch

  • Use: Identical to the torch with slightly improved stats.
  • Location:
    • In the opening courtyard of Old Yharnam, watch for a small creature along the right ledge. Follow it by jumping down to the rooftop below. Fall onto the balcony beneath that, and enter the structure itself to find the torch.
    • The Hunter's Torch also becomes available at the Bath Messenger in Hunter's Dream after defeating Father Gascoigne.

Wooden Shield

  • Use: Not a firearm - The only shield in Bloodborne
  • Location:
    • This weak left-handed shield is found right after reaching the Cathedral Ward lamp.
    • Head outside through the door directly ahead of the lamp, turn right, and go up the long set of stairs. At the top, there's a body near the metal gates with the shield.


  • Use: Flamethrower that shoots fire in a short, wide arc.
  • Location:
    • To earn this weapon, speak with the NPC Gilbert near the Central Yharnam lamp. Find him in the window marked with a lit hanging lantern.
    • Return to Gilbert and speak with him once the Hunter reaches the Cathedral Ward lamp.

Repeating Pistol

  • Use: Similar to the Hunter Pistol, but fires two shots at once.
  • Location:
    • Can be purchased from the Hunter's Dream Bath Messenger after defeating the Cleric Beast boss.


  • Use: Massive arm-mounted firearm that consumes 10 quicksilver bullets per shot.
  • Location:
    • Teleport to the Forbidden Woods lamp and enter the nearby stone structure with the lift inside. Right the elevator down, then follow the path down through the snake-headed monsters.
    • Travel to the tower entrance door and head up the wooden stairs to the right, leading out to the exterior. Drop down to the balcony and climb the huge ladder up to gears. Cross the machinery to the opposite side where you'll find a corpse with this firearm.


  • Use: Similar to the Hunter Pistol, but becomes more powerful with a higher Bloodtinge stat.
  • Location:
    • Found in a chest within Cainhurst Castle, which can only be accessed after acquiring the Cainhurst Summons letter -- find it by accessing the shortcut entrance to the 1st Floor Sickroom from the Forbidden Woods.
    • Available to purchase after joining the Cainhurst Vilebloods covenant and gaining the Cainhurst Badge. To join this covenant, go to the boss arena with the Crown of Illusions to reveal a secret path. Speak with Annalise and agree to join her covenant.

Ludwig's Rifle

  • Use: Slow-firing rifle best used for long-range encounters.
  • Location:
    • Purchased from the Bath Messengers in Hunter's Dream after acquiring the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge.
    • Travel to the Cathedral Ward lamp and open the door to the right. It unlocks after defeating the Blood-Starved Beast boss deep in Old Yharnam. Take the lift up and go to the tower on the left path. Move up the tower, climb the ladder, and open the chest in the interior room ahead.


  • Use: Like the Flamesprayer, this special weapon sprays holy mist in a short, wide arc.
  • Location:
    • Can be purchased at the Bath Messengers in Hunter's Dream after acquiring the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge.
    • Find it in the Upper Cathedral Ward, reachable through the locked door in the Healing Church Workshop. To find the key, travel up the stairs from the Yahargul Chapel and stick to the left railing.
    • Drop down through the broken section, then drop into the locked cell in the interior room -- the Upper Ward Key is on a body there.

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