See How to Find the Rare Blood Rock and Living String Items in Bloodborne

Kevin Thielenhaus | 3 Apr 2015 15:53
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Complete an important Chalice Dungeon Ritual, or fully upgrade Trick Weapons using these extremely rare items hidden away in Bloodborne.

Both of these end-game items require braving one of Bloodborne's deadliest creatures in the last required area of the game. For those wishing to avoid spoilers, turn back now. But, if you've finished (or almost finished) the main game and want to forge better weapons or enter the Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice, keep scrolling.

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How to Find Blood Rock & Living String

Blood Rock is an extremely hard-to-find material used to forge any Trick Weapon to it's highest level.

Living String is the final component required to complete the Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice ritual and reach the last unique Chalice Dungeon boss.

Both of these items are located in the final area of Bloodborne -- Mergo's Loft.

In the Nightmare of Mensis, the Hunter will encounter a terrifying presence in the center of Mergo's Loft. A bright light emanates from the tower, stabbing at the Hunter's mind and causing frenzy.

This deadly, insane creature is never encountered face-to-face on a normal playthrough, but it can be killed. Killing the Loft monstrosity allows the Hunter to collect Blood Rock and Living String.

How to Drop the Mergo's Loft Frenzy Monster

To get both rare items, the Hunter must first drop the Mergo's Loft Frenzy Monster in the center of the area. Doing so removes it from the tower and makes the exterior of the castle safe(ish).

  • 1. Start from the Mergo's Loft: Middle lamp. If you have all the elevator shortcuts leading up to the Wet Nurse's Lunarium, you can also start from Mergo's Loft: Base.
  • 2. Take the cage lift near the Mergo's Loft: Base lamp either up or down. While riding it, watch for an smashed window. Roll through it as you pass.
  • 3. The bridge ahead is guarded by dangerous eye-monsters that quickly fill your frenzy meter. Bring plenty of sedatives and just avoid them if you can. Use the strange rocks to block their view.
  • 4. At the interior across the bridge, you'll find a chamber guarded by human-headed spiders. Take the stairs down and you'll reach a unique lever with a view of the castle center. Pull it and the disgusting eye-brain will drop into the abyss.

With the Frenzy Monster out of the way, it's now possible to collect Blood Rock and Living String.

How to Find Blood Rock

The Frenzy Monster is gone from it's tower. That means your Hunter can now explore it's old den to find a hidden Blood Rock.

  • 1. Like before, start from the Mergo's Loft: Middle lamp and return to the chamber above the lever that dropped the Frenzy Monster. In the room with the human-headed spiders, there's a hole near one wall.
  • 2. Drop into the hole. There's another frenzy-inducing eye-monster nearby, so bring extra Sedative and leave in a hurry. On the bridge outside, you should see a large open tower around the center where the massive eye-brain Frenzy Monster once called home.
  • 3. Drop down onto the ledge below and collect the extremely rare Blood Rock off the body. Be careful not to fall into the large hole in the center.

The Blood Rock fortifies Trick Weapons from +9 to +10, and they're extremely hard to find. Sometimes they'll randomly spawn in Isz Chalice Dungeons, but this single chunk is always found here.

How to Find Living String

To get Living String, the Hunter needs to finish off the Frenzy Monster for good.

  • 1. Go to the Mergo's Loft: Base lamp and take the shortcut lift up into the creepy interior chambers where you'll encounter men in iron masks.
  • 2. Take the stairs down into the lower level where the larger, fat guards patrol. Hanging over the bottomless void, you should be able to spot a new elevator cage. Step inside and ride it down.
  • 3. It stops, leaving you hanging over a seemingly endless void. Take a leap of face and step out anyway -- there's a solid floor. Explore straight ahead from the lift to find the mortally wounded Frenzy Monster.
  • 4. It won't fight back. Attack it until it's defeated, rewarding your Hunter with the Living String required to complete the ritual for Pthumeru Ihyll.

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