Learn How to Reach the Last Optional Bloodborne Chalice Dungeon Boss

Kevin Thielenhaus | 7 Apr 2015 17:27
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After completing the story, there's still one more optional boss waiting in the last Chalice Dungeon. Learn how to bring it down with this step-by-step Bloodborne walkthrough.

Navigating the complex web of Chalice Dungeons can get tricky, but we've got you covered if you're interested in seeing all the unique content available in these partially-random underground areas. Following progression down a linear path, it's possible to reach one climactic boss fight against a familiar figure. Follow the steps below for a fateful encounter with royalty.

There are so many dungeons, we couldn't fit them all here. See how to collect every ritual cup with the Bloodborne: Chalices Locations Guide.

How to Fight the Final Chalice Dungeon Boss

Warning: This guide contains end-game spoilers.

There are many steps required for reaching the last optional boss in Bloodborne. Normal progression through Chalice Dungeons will get most Hunters through a number of the steps listed below.

In each section, we'll explain what chalice is required, how much progress it takes to reach the next step, and how to gather the material needed to complete every ritual.

The final unique Chalice Dungeon is the Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice -- get to Layer 3 here to fight a creature that's very important to the game's complicated lore.

Step 1: Pthumeru Chalice - First Chalice Dungeon

How to Get the Chalice: The Pthumeru Chalice is dropped by the Blood-Starved Beast boss deep in Old Yharnam.

Required Materials: 2 Ritual Blood (1), 1000 Blood Echoes

The first leg of this long journey starts in Old Yharnam. Reach the old town through the Cathedral Ward.

Bypass the Gatling Gunner and enter the old church. Defeating the Blood-Starved Beast unlocks the first chalice.

Chalice Dungeons are completely optional extra areas with their own bosses at the end of each layer. Most normal rituals will result in a dungeon with three layers.

Use the gravestones in the Hunter's Dream to complete a Chalice Dungeon ritual. Select the chalice, then confirm the materials to establish a chalice dungeon.

After defeating the Blood-Starved Beast, Ritual Blood (1) can be purchased for 2500 Blood Echoes.

Step 2: Central Pthumeru Chalice - Going Deeper

How to Get the Chalice: Rewarded for defeating the Watch Dog of the Old Lords.

Required Materials: 6 Ritual Blood (2), 1800 Blood Echoes

To get this chalice, fight down to Layer 3 of the Pthumeru Chalice. The monstrous dog is the last unique challenge in your first Chalice Dungeon.

Ritual Blood (2) is most commonly found in lower-level Chalice Dungeons, such as the Pthumeru Chalice you completed earlier. Make sure to fully explore each layer for treasure rooms, and check out the extra pathways between lamps.

Step 3: Lower Pthumeru Chalice - Leaving the Ruins

How to Get the Chalice: Rewarded for defeating the final boss of Central Pthumeru.

Required Materials: 9 Ritual Blood (3), 3200 Blood Echoes

Progression to this point should be relatively smooth. Finishing the Central Pthumeru dungeon leads to the Lower Pthumeru Chalice.

To gain the Ritual Blood (3) needed, try exploring Central Pthumeru or the Hintertombs. Check out chests and treasure rooms, but it should be easy to get plenty if you thoroughly explore.

Step 4: Ailing Loran Chalice - A New Realm

How to Get the Chalice: Reward for defeating Amygdala in the Nightmare Frontier.

Required Materials: 9 Ritual Blood (4), 4 Coldblood Flowerbud, 5500 Blood Echoes

This is where progression takes a nose-dive. The Defiled Chalice is your next step, but to gather all the materials needed for that ritual, you'll have to open Ailing Loran.

To reach Ailing Loran, fight Amygdala in the Nightmare Frontier. Defeat Vicar Amelia in the Grand Cathedral up the steps in the Cathedral Ward. Enter the Forbidden Woods, then explore the plaza down the steps to the right of the Grand Cathedral lamp.

In this large area guarded by two hunters, a voice will offer a Tonsil Stone if you talk to any of the red lantern-marked buildings. Take it, then continue further down this path into the chapel guarded by executioners.

A strange blue light will appear over the locked door. Let it grab you, and you'll revive in the Lecture Hall 1F. Leave through the double doors at the end to warp into the Nightmare Frontier.

Like before, Ritual Blood (4) is found in any of the Chalice Dungeons requiring Ritual Blood (3) -- Lower Hintertomb, Lower Pthumeru, etc.

Coldblood Flowerbuds are harder to find. Look in the Nightmare Frontier's poison swamp. In the center, there's a raised island of rocks with several buds.

Once you find one, more can be purchased from the Insight Bath Messengers in the Hunter's Dream.

Step 5: Defiled Chalice - Half-Health Hell

How to Get the Chalice: Rewarded for defeating the Layer 4 boss of the Lower Pthumeru Chalice Dungeon

Required Materials: 9 Ritual Blood (4), 2 Bastard of Loran, 22 Arcane Haze, 5500 Blood Echoes

The Defiled Chalice might be the toughest challenge in Bloodborne. Hunter health is cut in half while enemies hit harder than ever. To get the Pthumeru Iyll Chalice, you'll need to complete this punishing dungeon.

Ritual Blood (4) is obtained the same way as before. Purchase it from the Insight Bath Messengers, or find it in high-depth Chalice Dungeons.

Arcane Haze is a new material you'll need for the next two steps. To get lots of it, find the Workshop Haze Extractor. This unique tool allows you to breakdown materials you don't need and convert them into Arcane Haze.

The Workshop Haze Extractor is located in Layer 2 of Lower Pthumeru. Search the optional-side door for a treasure room containing this valuable tool.

Bastard of Loran (Both of them!) are found on Layer 3 of Ailing Loran.

Step 6: Great Isz Chalice - Experience the Cosmos

How to Get the Chalice: Rewarded for defeating Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos in the Upper Cathedral Ward.

Required Materials: 9 Ritual Blood (5), 3 Pearl Slug, 25 Arcane Haze, 11500 Blood Echoes

Exploring the eldritch dungeon of Great Isz requires another optional boss in the Upper Cathedral Ward. To open the gates, you'll need to reach the Yahar'gul Chapel lamp.

From the Yahar'gul Chapel, back-track up the stairs and dodge the deadly laser beam. Stick to the left railing, and drop through the gap. Inside the interior, fall into the cell from above and grab a key from the dead body.

Now, return to the top floor of the Healing Church Workshop and you'll be able to open those double doors. Follow the path through the Orphanage, defeat the Celestial Emissary, smash the window and take the lift to finally face off with Ebrietas.

Any Depth 4 Chalice Dungeons are likely to spawn Ritual Blood (5) so explore every nook and treasure chamber.

Follow the instructions in the step above to collect the Arcane Haze Extractor, which makes collecting Arcane Haze easy.

One of the Pearl Slugs is found in Byrgenwerth -- purchase the rest at the Insight Bath Messengers.

Step 7: Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice - Nightmare Source

How to Get the Chalice: Defeat the Layer 3 boss of the Defiled Chalice.

Required Materials: 9 Ritual Blood (5), 4 Red Jelly, 25 Arcane Haze, 1 Living String, 11500 Blood Echoes

Defeating the last boss in the Defiled Chalice is the hardest step. If you can manage that, the rest is easy.

The final extra boss battle is finally within reach. But, you'll need two extremely rare types of material to finish this ritual.

By now, Arcane Haze should be easy to collect. Ritual Blood (5) is rare but can be found in the Defiled Chalice or other high-depth locations.

Red Jelly is trickier to discover. Find it in the Nightmare Lecture Hall 1F or in Ailing Loran Layer 2.

Living String is the hardest item to find on your own. It's so tough, we put together a separate guide explaining how to find it. Learn how to find Living String in Bloodborne right here.

Step 8: Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen

To fight this ghostly figure, all you have to do is reach Layer 3 of Great Pthumeru Ihyll. She's a ferocious fighter -- make sure to bring antidote.

Defeat her and you'll earn a Gold Trophy, providing online proof that you've conquered one of the toughest challenges in gaming. Now see how to fight an optional last boss to really master the hunt.

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