Wield Eldritch Power With Every Bloodborne Spell Relic Location

Kevin Thielenhaus | 21 Apr 2015 17:05
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Unlock the magic of the Great Ones in Bloodborne using the tips on our Hunter Tool locations guide, with step-by-step instructions explaining how to find useful spells.

Traditional magic spells have been excised from the stripped-down brutality of Bloodborne, but with enough exploration it's possible to collect a series of unique relics that spawn forces of arcane power. Using these special relics costs bullets instead of an energy pool. It pays to unleash the madness-inducing abilities sparingly, but often these attacks and buffs can help enhance your preferred fighting style. Master another Bloodborne secret with the spell locations below.

When you're not unleashing spectral forces, hunters need an arsenal of deadly weapons. See where to get them all with the Bloodborne: Trick Weapons Locations Guide.

Spell Relics Locations Guide

Instead of magic points, unique Hunter Tools use Quicksilver Bullets as a casting resource.

Hunter Tools replace magic spells from previous Dark Souls games, and can be very rare to come by. Keep scrolling to see where every arcane relic is located.

Many of these relics are located in secret or optional areas. Get more help on our Bloodborne: Optional Areas Guide.

Beast Roar

  • Relic Effect: 15 Arcane / 2 Bullet Use - An area-of-effect roar knocks back surrounding enemies or projectiles.
  • Where to Find:
    • This forbidden relic channels the vocal power of the darkbeasts. Find it in the Forbidden Woods, starting from the Forbidden Woods lamp. Cross the bridge and enter the village guarded by mobs.
    • Follow the path up the hill to the left of the village, past the dog cages, and enter the old house beyond the gate with the lever switch.

Old Hunter Bone

  • Relic Effect: 15 Arcane / 6 Bullet Use - Makes quickstep / roll much faster for 12 seconds.
  • Where to Find:
    • The Old Hunter bone is located in the Old Abandoned Workshop, one of the trickiest secret areas in Bloodborne -- to find it, defeat the Blood-Starved Beast in Old Yharnam and return to the Cathedral Ward lamp. The door ahead of this lamp, to the right, will be opened once the boss is defeated.
    • Follow the path into the Healing Church Workshop and find a missing floor to the right of the tower entrance. Drop down to find a massive empty section beneath the new workshop.
    • Cross the rickety scaffolding and follow the platforms to the left. If you look carefully, there's a lonely door you can just barely make a running jump to. Get more help with our Old Abandoned Workshop Secret Location Guide.

Empty Phantasm Shell

  • Relic Effect: 15 Arcane / 3 Bullet Use - Charges Trick Weapons with arcane energy. Doesn't work on; Blade of Mercy, Rifle Spear, Burial Blade, Tonitrus, Chikage, or Loagarius' Wheel.
  • Where to Find:
    • The shell is found in a Byrgenwerth College treasure chest. Attempting to open it will cause a Hunter ambush, so watch out. Climb up to the third floor with the ladder to find the chest.
    • To reach Byrgenwerth, defeat Vicar Amelia and interact with the altar to gain the correct passphrase, then return to the Forbidden Woods door near the Cathedral Ward plaza guarded by giants.

Augur of Ebrietas

  • Relic Effect: 18 Arcane / 1 Bullet Use - Extends a series of tentacles from your wrist for a medium-range melee attack.
  • Where to Find:
    • The Augur is locked away in a professor's office to the right from the Lecture Hall 1F lamp entrance. Enter the left lecture theatre and collect the key off the body behind the central desk.
    • Open the locked doors on the right, then enter the office to the right of those doors. Watch out for the students -- try bringing molotov cocktails, they're weak against fire.

Messenger's Gift

  • Relic Effect: 10 Arcane / 1 Bullet Use - Transforms the hunter into a messenger. The illusion disappears after attempting to attack.
  • Where to Find:
    • This strange relic is found in the Nightmare Frontier, accessed through the Lecture Hall 1F. Starting from the lamp, move forward to the black stream intersecting the cliffs and drop into the narrow canyon path guarded by the slimy poison tentacle creatures.
    • Move left down the path to an area guarded by one of the deadly Frenzy Brain creatures. Bring sedative and run straight past it to grab the glowing item in the cave dead-end.

Tiny Tonitrus

  • Relic Effect: 25 Arcane / 6 Bullet Use - Launches lightning that shoots straight toward targeted opponents.
  • Where to Find:
    • Arrive at the Yahar'gul Chapel lamp, then backtrack up the steps guarded by an Amygdala beast's laser attack. Stick to the left railing and drop down through the cracked section.
    • Enter the interior to find a chest on your right, guarded by a sleeping brute. In the cage nearby, you'll find the Upper Cathedral Ward key required to reach the Orphanage location.

A Call Beyond

  • Relic Effect: 40 Arcane / 8 Bullet Use - Summons an array of tracking energy projecticles.
  • Where to Find:
    • This powerful spell is found in the upper levels of the Grand Cathedral. Use the Tiny Tonitrus instructions above to find the Upper Cathedral Ward key. Enter the area through the top floor of the Healing Church Workshop.
    • Beyond the Orphanage, defeat the boss in the Lumenflower Gardens and smash the windows to enter the upper Great Cathedral. There's a body hanging over the railing on the right carrying this relic.

Executioner's Glove

  • Relic Effect: 20 Arcane / 3 Bullet Use - Shoots a short-range area with damaging black smoke.
  • Where to Find:
    • Teleport to the Forsaken Castle Cainhurst lamp, and enter the library on the upper floors. Take the stairs up to the second floor and run to the left corner to find an open window.
    • Step out onto the balcony and drop down until you reach the hidden first floor library room. To the right of the open doorway, there's a treasure chest containing the gloves.

Choir Bell

  • Relic Effect: 20 Arcane / 10 Bullet Use - Heals all Hunters an amount of HP and cures ailments.
  • Where to Find:
    • The sole healing spell is found in Mergo's Loft. Explore the lowest level of Micolash's boss area to find the Iron Door Key, then defeat the boss. In his final arena, you'll find the locked door.
    • Bring plenty of sedative and cross the bridge to find a dark chamber guarded by spiders and a Frenzy Brain. The treasure chest near the Frenzy-inducing creature contains the Choir Bell relic.

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