Farming Cows for Easy Cash in Witcher 3? Get Ready For a Deadly Easter Egg

Kevin Thielenhaus | 8 Jun 2015 16:31
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Beware the grazing fields of The Witcher 3 because those exploited cows found themselves a new protector with this killer new Easter egg.

Located in the sleepy hollows of the starting area, CD Projekt Red found a way to punish gold farmers looking to earn some easy loot. Included in a recent patch, this change effectively eliminates one of the fastest ways players found to earn cash in the White Orchard area. Don't know what we're talking about? Keep scrolling and learn why the Witcher developers chose to protect the herd with a rampaging monster.

Collecting bovine hides isn't the only easy cash exploit available in The Witcher 3. Check out our Witcher 3 Gold Farming Guide and become a mercantile master. If you're looking for an easy path to late-game levels, browse the Witcher 3 Easy XP Tutorial -- massive monsters are welcome here.

Cow Farming Exploit Easter Egg

Naturally, early players are always on the lookout for easy exploits and farming methods to earn tons of cash.

In Witcher 3, low-level beginners cut their teeth in the region of White Orchard. The peasant farms are home to a handful of cows that respawn after a quick one hour meditation session.

Killing those cows and collecting their hides over and over was one of the most publicized methods for earning quick coin. The developers picked up on it, and patched in a monstrous threat for taking advantage.

How to Summon the Cow Protector Easter Egg

  • Farming the cows of White Orchard now spawns in a killer level 20+ Fiend. This abomination can wipe the floor with Geralt at this stage of his adventure, making this particular farming field totally worthless for the exploit-hungry masses.

Have no fear, there are still untouched exploits floating around the northern territories. But, if CD Projekt Red hears wind of them, they might not last much longer.

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