Learn Mortal Kombat X Characters With These Awesome Video Guides

Kevin Thielenhaus | 17 Jul 2015 21:59
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Learn fundamental character strategies in Mortal Kombat X with these awesome video guides, showing off useful combos and special moves you'll need to stay competitive.

Each character in MKX is a complicated beast. It takes a lot of trial-and-error to unpack their basic styles. That's where The Escapist's own Mitchell Saltzman enters the picture. Mitch, like all right-thinking people, loves fighting games and wants to share his knowledge with the world. Check out his character guides in the sections below. We'll keep you updated with his latest MKX video releases.

If you're a fan, check out Mitch's JurassicRabbit Youtube Channel for even more guides and walkthroughs. Mitch is an Escapist freelancer with a variety of articles available to check out now, and he's running a Patreon campaign so supporters of awesome gaming videos can pitch in to help.

Mortal Kombat X Video Character Guides


Scorpion returns from the Netherrealm with three unique variations that change up his playstyle considerably. Ninjitsu provides the undead assassin with a pair of blades that extends his range, along with his classic spears that can be enhanced for extra damage, leading into any number of basic combos. Teleport is one of Scorpion's best special moves, placing him directly behind his opponent and giving a great opening for follow-up combos. When not using Ninjitsu, Scorpion's Inferno variation gives him more zoning capabilities, including the stunning Minion Grab that makes any extended combo a cinch.


That cool customer Sub-Zero changes his playstyle considerably between his three variations, but the most aggressive with a good selection of simple combos is undoubtedly the Cryomancer. He's all about close-range here, but keeps his Ice Ball to freeze projectile-spewing opponents. The stalwart Slide hits low, dashes forward, and ducks under mid-projectiles, helping Sub-Zero close the gap and unleash his Frost Hammer. Grandmaster changes things up with chilly ice clones, freezing confused opponents that don't know how to get around it, while the Unbreakable variation gives Sub-Zero chip-damage nullifying specials and armor to punish aggressive fighters.

Kung Lao

If you're a fan of Kung Lao's sharp hat, Mitch has the tutorial for you. With the Buzz Saw variation, Kung Lao can teleport into unblockable grabs, divekick for quick link-up combos, or slice his hat through faces with the Hang Grinder. The Hat Grinder is particularly powerful, despite the slow travel speed, once it's enhanced -- now the grinder leaves opponents lingering mid-air, perfect for a follow-up combo. Kung Lao is all about mind-games, faking out opponents, slowing projectiles or wildly changing their direction to keep any enemy off-guard.

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