Before Halo 5's Release, Check Out Every Easter Egg We've Found So Far

Kevin Thielenhaus | 20 Oct 2015 17:53
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Get a taste of all the Easter eggs to come in Halo 5: Guardians with a brief overview of all the secrets found so far. That includes a gun-spewing vending machine and a swarm of Banshees, all found in the first three missions.

Halo 5 takes the long-standing Xbox exclusive series into new cooperative directions. Now Master Chief never fights alone. He's got a whole team of Spartan soldiers watching his back, whether you're playing solo or with a handful of online friends. These AI companions take simple commands or revive a fallen Chief -- and along with all those changes, come a ton of Easter eggs. Maybe 343 Industries wants to top Bungie in the secrets department, because the thriving Halo community already has two Easter eggs uncovered. Check those out below, and let us know if we've missed anything.

Pre-Release Easter Eggs

Halo 5 isn't even out yet, but dedicated players with early access have already uncovered a couple weird Easter eggs everyone can enjoy on the 27th later this month. Check out what the community has found (so far) with the step-by-step instructions below.

Banshee Baby Swarm

Found in Mission 1: Blue Team, this obscure secret doesn't seem like much, until we realized it's a sign. A sign that Halo 5 is seriously jam-packed with Easter eggs.

At the very start, you'll reach a down-sloping ramp leading to a window with a view of a cruiser in the distance. Your target is right beneath this window, but it's impossible to shoot from here.

Go to the catwalk and turn left. It's possible to jump over to the ledge beneath the window, but all you have to do is shoot the object hidden there. It's a... we don't know what the object is. But if you can manage to shoot it, then shoot a bright red light visible on the cruiser below, something special happens.

Watch for an explosion after shooting the object and red light! You'll hear a party cheering sound effect, signifying that the Easter egg has been activated.

A swarm of Banshees appear from the ship's opening. They flood into the area, flying around randomly, and don't really do anything else. Weird? Unique? Whatever the point is, expect to find plenty more oddball Easter eggs in Halo 5.

Gun Vending Machine

This Easter egg appears in Mission 3: Glassed, which is the last mission 343 Industries wants everyone to see before Master Chief's official return next week.

Here, Blue Team takes a space elevator to the surface and exits out of a massive cargo door. When you're outside, cross the mud ahead and enter the building along the right wall.

When you're in the first floor, look for an open doorway on the left that leads into a control room with bright blue monitors. Inside this room, there's a vending machine. This is what we've been looking for.

Look at the keypad and press [RB] to activate it. It takes a few tries, but eventually a Magnum pistol will drop. Keep pressing those keys and you'll eventually get a shotgun, then a SAW.

After the SAW pops out, the machine can't be interacted with anymore. That's the Gun Vending Machine.

Found any Easter eggs we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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