Fear the Weeping Angels in This Black Ops 3 Dr. Who Easter Egg

Kevin Thielenhaus | 19 Nov 2015 11:42
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Nuketown is full of secrets. The latest iteration of the multiplayer map in Black Ops 3 features not one, but two creepy mannequin Easter eggs to uncover. Starting with zombies, the mannequins transition into a Weeping Angels riff straight out of Dr. Who. See how it's done with our quick Easter egg tutorial.

The developers at Treyarch promised tons of Easter eggs in their campaign, but the crafty Call of Duty fanbase is still mining the multiplayer maps and Zombie mode for plenty of secrets. This particular Easter egg is a riff on an old Black Ops 1 secret, but with a frightening Whovian twist.

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Dr. Who on Nuketown Easter Egg Guide

The Black Ops 3 version of Nuketown is pretty similar in layout, and once again features motionless mannequins spread across the map.

In Black Ops 1, shooting the heads off every visible mannequin unlocks a secret song. 'Sympathy for the Devil' by The Rolling Stones pipes over the speakers.

Something much creepier happens in Black Ops 3. Attempting the same thing and shooting the heads off every featureless mannequin robot instead leads into a zombie survival sequence.

The mannequins spring to life and attack in hordes, using the familiar Zombies mode animations to tear your team to shreds.

Weeping Angel Easter Egg

Shooting off every head on Nuketown in two minutes from the start of the round takes coordination. It really can't be accomplished alone. Gather up at least one other friends to make this one happen.

To unlock the second part of this Easter egg, you'll need to try something different.

  • Shoot both arms off every mannequin within two minutes of the start of the round. That's two arms per mannequin to reveal this Easter egg.
  • Unlike Black Ops 1, none of the mannequins are outside the boundaries of the map. All of the bots are within the traversable space. They also spawn in random locations. Bring a friend and equip an extra pistol to prevent running out of ammo.

It takes practice, but when you succeed a bell will chime to denote a successful attempt. So, what happens next?

The mannequin robots still turn into zombie hordes, but they only move when you're not looking at them. Look at the mannequins and they'll remain frozen in place. They can and will kill you while your back is turned.

While it isn't exactly confirmed, this form of behavior is very similar to the Weeping Angels introduced in the Dr. Who episode "Blink" -- they're a predatory race of creatures that only attack when nothing is observing them. Naturally, they move when you blink. It's so similar, it just has to be an homage.

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