Find Every Extra Trick Weapon in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC

Kevin Thielenhaus | 30 Nov 2015 13:01
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Uncover every Trick Weapon in The Old Hunters with our list of Bloodborne expansion locations. These game-changing tools of destruction offer more versatility than ever before for your bloodthirsty Hunter.

The Hunter's Nightmare is home to an array of unique new weapons. Some transform into long range weaponry to give even more range in combat, while others are living things that twist in strange ways as the arms take another form. Even if you explore every inch of the nightmare locations, it's easy to miss all eleven of these weird swords, clubs, axes and spears. See what it takes to complete short side-quests and other secrets.

If you're looking to acquire even more implements of destruction in the main component of the game, check out the Bloodborne Trick Weapons Locations Guide to get every vanilla primary.

The Old Hunters - Trick Weapons Locations

There are a total of eleven new weapons included exclusively with The Old Hunters expansion. These additional trick weapons can only be acquired in the Hunter's Nightmare and it's connected locations.

If you need help entering the Hunter's Nightmare, get some quick tips on our Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC Beginner's Guide.

  • Beast Cutter: Travel to the long stairs leading to the Grand Cathedral in Hunter's Nightmare. Part of the way up, you'll find a Hunter with a Piercing Rifle. Defeat him, then drop off the raised rampart up the steps past him to reach an optional pathway leading to rooftops. Defeat another Hunter up here and look for a body on the cliff with the first DLC weapon.
  • Boom Hammer: To the right of the Grand Cathedral entrance, fight through the turrets to reach a dark building in Hunter's Nightmare. There's a room filled with explosive barrels and a dead madman in a wheelchair. Watch out! Grabbing the weapon triggers a delayed molotov trap.
  • Amygdalan Arm: Located in the Hunter's Nightmare, past the two-story building filled with explosive barrels on the hills above the blood river. Down the path and at the blood river, turn right (opposite the bridge) and fight through the bloodsuckers into the cave. The arm is located in the Blood-Letting Beast dead body chamber, past the Gatling Hunter.
  • Beasthunter Saif: Continue beyond the Hunter's Nightmare bridge over the blood river and through the cave to reach a canal with dead bodies that moan and sway. Climb the ladder, then drop into the murky blood-soaked area to the left. This area can only be accessed by dropped down. There's a hunter and a ledge with the Saif where you can exit.
  • Church Pick: You'll need the 'Underground Cell' key to open the locked doors between Ludwig's pit and the Research Hall. Gain the key after raising the stairs in the Research Hall. It's found on a body in Patient Room Floor 3. Open the door just past the stairs leading down to Brador's chamber on the left.
  • Whirligig Saw: Travel to the Nightmare Church lamp in Hunter's Nightmare and take the steps down into the blood-soaked canal. Drop into the river below and enter the cave. Past the falling shell creature, the weapon is on the exit ledge ahead.
  • Holy Moonlight Sword: After Ludwig is defeated, there are multiple ways to gain his sword. Look for his severed head in the left corner of the arena. Wear any Church Attire and reply 'Yes' to his question to gain the sword, or kill the head. If you reply 'No', the Harrowed Hunter will appear and offer the sword to you.
  • Rakuyo: At the center of the first large courtyard in the Fishing Hamlet you'll find a well. Climb down into the cave below. There are large, deadly creatures patrolling this chamber. Fighting one makes a second creature drop from the ceiling. The second of these creatures drops the Rakuyo when defeated.
  • Simon's Bowblade: Speak with the Harrowed Hunter three times to gain this weapon and the 'Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key' which allows you to gain the Bloodletter. The Harrowed Hunter first appears in the hallway shortcut to Oedon Chapel. Next, he appears at the entrance to the Research Hall. Raise the stairs to trigger his appearance. Last, he'll be found mortally wounded in the Lighthouse Hut lamp location.
  • Kos Parasite: Dropped by the final boss of the expansion, the Orphan of Kos. This weapon, at first, appears to be completely useless. It must be paired with the Milkweed Rune. Learn more about this strange weapon on our Bloodborne: The Old Hunters - Kos Parasite Guide.
  • Bloodletter: This weapon is obtained by killing the insane Hunter Brador. He is locked in a cell between Ludwig's arena and the Research Hall. His cell is locked, and requires the 'Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key' -- you receive this key after meeting the Harrowed Hunter in three locations. See the 'Simon's Bowblade' entry for more information.

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