Where to Find Every Firearm & Off-hand Weapon in The Old Hunters

Kevin Thielenhaus | 2 Dec 2015 14:40
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Explore the Nightmare and track down these new left-handed weapons available in Bloodborne's expansion, The Old Hunters. Your arsenal of off-hand tools is even more diverse this time, with a shield and brass knuckles thrown into the mix.

The Old Hunters takes place in the Hunter's Nightmare, a twisted inversion to the calming Hunter's Dream. Blood-drunk Hunters roam the ruined streets, and the deeper you explore, the more horrifying it becomes. If you're struggling to overcome these new challenges, or just want a reason to fully explore the three add-on environments, learn how to track down every additional off-hand weapon with these tips.

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Firearms & Off-hand Weapons Locations

There are five all-new firearms or off-hand weapons available in The Old Hunters. To mix up the formula, these secondary weapons aren't all guns.

The Loch Shield helps your Hunter block arcane damage while the Fist of Gratia gives you a surprise up-close punch attack to stagger opponents.

Firearms are included, and these heavy weapons pack more punch than your usual assortment. The Church Cannon fires an explosive mortar shell, while the Gatling Gun sprays bullets. The Piercing Rifle cuts through enemies and has longer targeting range than most left handed weapons.

To complete your collection, use the tips and instructions with the entries below.

  • Piercing Rifle: Enter the dark two-story building above the river of blood and pass through the back door to enter the alleyway leading to a beast-transformed Hunter. Defeat him to get the Firing Hammer Badge. Return to the Hunter's Dream, this badge unlocks the Piercing Rifle for purchase at the Bath Messengers.
  • Gatling Gun: Travel to the river of blood from the Nightmare Grand Cathedral, or through the Nightmare Oedon Chapel shortcut. In this first blood river area, there's a cave on the far end guarded by multiple blood-sucker creatures. The cavern entrance is guarded by a Hunter with a Gatling Gun. Defeat him and he'll drop the firearm.
  • Fist of Gratia: Past the Corpse Pile lamp where the Ludwig battle took place, search the jail for a cell on the right-hand side. There's a doubled-over corpse carrying this unique off-hand tool. To open the locked cell, you'll need the 'Underground Cells' key. Find the key after moving the Research Hall stairs in Patient Room Floor 3.
  • Church Cannon: Return to the Surgery Altar elevator that unlocks with the Eye Pendant and provides access to the Research Hall. From the cathedral chamber, activate the lift then jump off. A second lift will rise up from below. Pull the lever, then step on the lift as it lowers -- ride down below to find a secret chest with this explosive artillery.
  • Loch Shield: This can be accessed after moving the stairs in the Research Hall. Open the shortcut door in Saint Adeline's room, then ride the elevator up. Step onto the second lift going up and watch for a secret passage in the elevator shaft. From this hidden passage, use the stairs to reach a platform below containing a dead body and a squirming experiment.

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