Liberate the Wasteland - Fallout 4 Brotherhood Faction & Ending Guide

The Escapist Staff | 20 Feb 2016 12:09
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The Brotherhood of Steel invades the Boston wasteland with an army of armored soldiers and Vertibirds with the sole goal of wiping out the advanced Institute technology that lead to the creation of the Synths. This powerful faction becomes available later in the main story but makes their presence known. See how to get on this war-like group's good side with the full faction and ending guide right here.

Aboard their airship, the powerful Brotherhood of Steel faction arrives from the Capitol Wasteland area fans of Fallout 3 will recognize. Now that the Old World armies of the Enclave are wiped out, the Brotherhood of Steel step forward as the dominant power in the east coast. If you're not a friend, then you're an enemy, and anyone that covets technology is an enemy to the Brotherhood. This faction brings plenty of benefits to the table if you're willing to destroy every synth you meet. Get all the details below.

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Table of Contents

The Commonwealth Minutemen Faction Guide

Minuteman Main Quests

Minuteman Side Quests

The Brotherhood of Steel Faction Guide

The Brotherhood of Steel Main Quests

The Brotherhood of Steel Side Quests

The Railroad Faction Guide

The Railroad Main Quests

The Railroad Side Quests

The Institute Faction Guide

The Institute Main Quests

The Institute Side Quests

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