Rule the Future - Fallout 4 Institute Faction & Ending Guide

The Escapist Staff | 20 Feb 2016 12:11
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The Institute is on the verge of a great breakthrough, and if you're willing to overlook their cruel methods, you can join the scientific enclave and reap the rewards this faction offers. This faction can't be joined until late in the main story -- see what it takes to fight for progress.

An incredibly secretive organization, the Institute are behind the scourge of killer Synths that have invaded the populous of the Commonwealth. Their robotic agents are impossible to identify and completely loyal, willing to kill if compelled by their shadowy masters. You too can take part in the grand experiment with our full faction walkthrough.

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Table of Contents

The Commonwealth Minutemen Faction Guide

Minuteman Main Quests

Minuteman Side Quests

The Brotherhood of Steel Faction Guide

The Brotherhood of Steel Main Quests

The Brotherhood of Steel Side Quests

The Railroad Faction Guide

The Railroad Main Quests

The Railroad Side Quests

The Institute Faction Guide

The Institute Main Quests

The Institute Side Quests