Save the Synths - Fallout 4 Railroad Faction & Ending Guide

The Escapist Staff | 20 Feb 2016 12:11
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Unlike the powerful Brotherhood of Steel, the Railroad works in the underground, doing everything they can to free Synths from the Institute. This rag-tag group of spies are extremely secretive, and joining their cause isn't easy. Follow this guide to learn how to lend your aid to this faction.

This faction is all about stealth and spy work. You'll gain a unique silenced pistol to help your clandestine activities, but talking your way out of dangerous situations is just as important. The Railroad's goal is to free the enslaved Synth population from the clutches of the diabolical Institute, but the Brotherhood of Steel disagrees. Joining the Railroad will, eventually, put you in direct conflict with the Brotherhood of Steel. Be prepared, and learn how to complete every main mission and side quest in our railroad walkthrough.

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Table of Contents

The Commonwealth Minutemen Faction Guide

Minuteman Main Quests

Minuteman Side Quests

The Brotherhood of Steel Faction Guide

The Brotherhood of Steel Main Quests

The Brotherhood of Steel Side Quests

The Railroad Faction Guide

The Railroad Main Quests

The Railroad Side Quests

The Institute Faction Guide

The Institute Main Quests

The Institute Side Quests

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