See Why Every Character In ARMS Is Unique With These Official Tips & Tricks

Kevin Thielenhaus | 16 Jun 2017 23:32
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Understand the characters of ARMS even better with this official rundown of every character and what makes them unique, straight from Nintendo's in-game tip section.

Early players might be a little overwhelmed by all the character choice. Each character comes with a set of special attributes that make them different from the rest, and those attributes aren't entirely obvious from the get-go.

To help make sense out of these strange characters, here's a list explaining what makes each of these characters unique.

Official Character Tips | All Unique Traits


Spring Man

  • When Spring Man's health gets low, his ARMS stay perma-charged!
  • If Spring Man gets hit right when his charge wears off, the punch will be deflected!
  • The springboards in Spring Stadium can change the course of the match!


Ribbon Girl

  • Ribbon Girl can jump multiple times in midair!
  • Ribbon Girl can hold dash in midair to dive-bomb!
  • The boxes that pop up in Ribbon Ring add a fun twist!



  • Ninjara can warp by dashing while jumping!
  • When Ninjara blocks a punch, he counters with a warp!
  • At Ninja College, it's a battle for the high ground on the grand stairs!


Master Mummy

  • Master Mummy's massive body lets him take punches without flinching!
  • When Master Mummy guards, his health regenerates!
  • Bust open the floor at the Mausoleum to reveal a trampoline!


Min Min

  • When Min Min dashes in midair, she does a spin kick that can repel attacks!
  • When Min Min charges up, her left arm turns into a dragon!
  • The curved shape of the Ramen Bowl makes for spicy fights!



  • Mechanica can hold jump and dash to hover!
  • Mechanica's metallic body lets her absorb blows without flinching!
  • At the Scrapyard it's important to protect the high ground!



  • Twintelle can slow down incoming punches while she's charging up!
  • Twintelle can hold dash in midair to air-charge!
  • You can bounce off the cars at Cinema Deux to jump high!


Byte & Barq

  • Byte & Barq fight as a team!
  • When Byte jumps off Barq, he can repel punches and do a high jump!
  • You might just become a big fan of the little platform at Buster Beach.


Kid Cobra

  • Kid Cobra will quick-step if he dashes while charged!
  • Kid Cobra's dash is a bit slow, but he jumps really fast!
  • Hop on the snakeboards at the Snake Park to add some style to your fights!



  • Helix can extend his body by holding jump!
  • Helix can shrink his body by holding dash!
  • At the DNA Lab, using the tubes for offense AND defense is key!
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