8 Games That Were Never Released But Should Have Been

Jeff Mills | 24 May 2016 15:44
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We've watched the leaked videos, listened to the hype and high praise from the publisher and developer for a game. We've seen screenshots and told just how amazing it will be. Then, suddenly, that game that we were looking forward to has suddenly met its demise before even being released.

Here's just a few of the many games we wished would have seen the light of day, but never did. We would love to hear which games you were looking forward to in the comments below!

Starcraft: Ghost

Starcraft: Ghost was to be a stealthy action title in the StarCraft universe playing as one of the elite operative units known as ghosts. Assuming the persona of Nova you used covert and silent tactics over the typical run and gun to complete your objectives. It's a shame this one never made it to release, but, Blizzard did hint that they want to ensure games are up to their personal level of quality before it's released. Perhaps Ghost wasn't panning out as they expected it to be.

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