An artist has taken inspiration from gaming’s most iconic characters to create a piece called Invaded.

Artist Becky Dreistadt has created a videogaming masterpiece. The headquarters of New Zealand-based GamePlanet are now graced with a work of Dreistadt’s called Invaded, which consists of 46 gaming icons assembled into the shape of a Space Invader.

Technically, it’s made of 48 characters, because Dreistadt included Sam & Max, while Cloud from Final Fantasy VII brought a Chocobo with him. Each pixel of the Space Invader is made of one image.

Invaded features other characters like Mario, Sonic, Sub Zero, Pac-Man, and Pikachu. Some are performing cute actions, like how Donkey Kong is blowing on a dandelion, Diablo is petting a cow, and Gordon Freeman is eating that cake that wasn’t a lie after all. I don’t recognize a couple of the characters off the top of my head, like the girl eating a hamburger and the man smoking a cigarette, but I’m sure they’re painfully obvious and I shouldn’t have admitted that.

Dreistadt and her partner Frank Gibson run a website called Tiny Kitten Teeth where they have an ongoing webcomic and links to their other works. After Invaded, I wouldn’t mind seeing more from the duo that draws from the realm of videogames.

Source: GamePlanet, via Reddit

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