Artist’s “Twisted” Disney Princesses Ditch Tiaras for Terror

Twisted Mural

Jeffrey Thomas’s Twisted Princess series transforms Disney Princesses into horror flick villainesses.

While there are, of course, exceptions to the rule, I feel safe in saying that the defining qualities of many of Disney’s female characters don’t veer too far from sugar, spice and everything nice. That being the case, it’s always fun to see how others interpret the company’s leading ladies when given the chance. Case in point, artist Jeffrey Thomas has spent several years reimagining the princesses of Disney’s film library into a gallery of horrors more appropriate for Sweeny Todd than sweet songs about wanting more.

Thomas’s work began humbly enough back in 2008 when he redrew Belle and Beast. Since then he’s gone on to hit famous characters including The Little Mermaid‘s Ariel, Sleeping Beauty‘s Aurora and, more recently, Wreck-It Ralph‘s Vanellope. He’s also worked on Wendy from Peter Pan, Alice from Alice in Wonderland and a bad-ass version of Nala that really should have made it into The Lion King. My personal favorite of the bunch is Thomas’s take on Rapunzel. There’s just something about evil hair that makes my skin crawl.

None of these, of course, are all that recent (Vanellope’s picture was finished in 2013). That said, they’re still impressive and it’s hard not to be impressed by Thomas’s dedication to his project. All we need now is for him to work his way over to Frozen so we can get a glimpse at an evil Elsa.

Source: DeviantArt

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