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Artix Entertainment: Becoming the Dragon Koi Champion


The latest Artix Entertainment developer journal gives readers an inside look at the AdventureQuest Worlds Dragon Koi Tournament, a place for players to mock their favorite anime characters and to battle legendary bad boys from AQW. Read on!

AdventureQuest Worlds: The Dragon Koi Tournament Finale!

Who will receive the legendary title of Dragon Koi Champion?

The heroes of AdventureQuest Worlds ( ) have traveled far and wide for their chance at being crowned as this year’s Dragon Koi Champion. Hosted on the mysterious Island of Yokai, the Tournament invites the best-of-the-best combatants of Lore to participate in an all-out battle royal. The Champion is said to receive a legendary sword presented by the Emperor himself-but there’s a slight problem: his empire has succumbed to the forces of Chaos, and no one knows for certain who is behind these attacks!


The preliminary rounds are currently underway. Our heroes can test their strength and skill against some of Lore’s most powerful-and oddly familiar-combatants in the Dragon Koi arena. Feel free to call us out on making fun of your favorite anime characters. Meet, greet, and beat classic characters such as Nekoyasha, the half-cat half-demon warrior, and even Ryoku, the street-fighting dragon dodecahedron champion!


Because AdventureQuest Worlds is heavily influenced by player feedback, this week’s release will also include a new map added on to Yokai Island. This area will be based on the Hachikō tale, a true story about a faithful dog that waited 9 years for his master’s return. A five-story hotel is currently being built in-game to honor this heroic hound. Players will be able to relive this timeless piece of Japanese history while further exploring the depths-and the level 20 dangers-of Oriental Mythology. Each of the yokai-ridden hotel rooms is decorated accordingly to the 12 Animals of the Zodiac. Our heroes will have to collect clues and embark on monster-slaying quests in order to unlock one of the many secrets encompassing Yokai Island!


About AdventureQuest Worlds ( )

Amongst our other four RPGs, AdventureQuest Worlds is a free, browser-based MMORPG built in Flash. Our game features a traditional fantasy environment with a completely original plot and outline that is inspired by player feedback. AQWorlds features extremely customizable characters and is updated weekly with new weapons, armors, quests, features, and… some really weird stuff… continually added by the friendly Team!

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